Trump denies hurricane killed 3k in puerto rico


You show your work. I’ll spend my time posting facts. And the fact is all those who were killed by the hurricane were dead within a few days after it hit. Everyone else was killed by something else.


You made the claim that 3000 people didn’t die from the hurricane… which disputes a well researched report. So the burden is on you to provide proof


When the report came out, did you remain indifferent until you gathered your facts? Or did you instantly doubt the report and start gathering your facts to support your doubt?


oh, there is no doubt that you and Trump are in sync.


No buddy. I met my burden… to show that your well researched report did NOT say the hurricane directly killed thousands. I read the report… the methods, the terminology, etc. They invented a method never before used to measure the number of people directly killed by hurricanes. They are estimating excess mortality … not even measuring but guessing from secondary circumstantial evidence.

Read it yourself.


I’m not backing myself into any corner. You avoided answering the question as to how many suicides, not me.


If a guy wants to walk around with his wiki open…who are we to say anything! :sunglasses:


I read it, I believe it. I see no issues with the way they measure the deaths resulting from the hurricane.

If you disagree then you need to provide a better method of reporting and present your data to the. government. Simply saying “they’ve never used this method before” isn’t proving they are wrong.


None of the studies did anything other than count dead bodies, they made no effort whatsoever to determine cause of death or what lead to those deaths.


I did my research first. I researched known hurricanes, population levels, storm strength, cause of death, and concluded that this “thousands” number was contrived, was inconsistent with every other report of every other hurricane in the history of America, and was likely a political ruse to assign deaths to a hurricane when they should have been assigned to failures primarily in the island and local governments before and after the hurricane.

All you did was link a report.


A better method would be to research each death as to cause and what lead to it.

That would at least be an honest way of determining how many were attributable to the hurricane and subsequent federal response.


Exactly…which is why I never felt Katrina was on Bush. Those dolts in NOLA and Loisiana dropped all the balls.


The government knows how to measure hurricane deaths. The government has been reporting that for over a hundred years. And that is exactly why I know tjst the method used in your report is not relevant for comparing with other hurricanes in order to say that the Puerto Rico deaths caused by Hurricane Maria were relatively large or small.


Then come up with a better way and present your evidence. You seem smart, definitely smarter than the university who did this research. I believe in you!

Otherwise you are full of… well you know.


I already did.


Interesting so they’ve reported effectively on every other hurricane except for this one… hmmmmm


Come on Ish…are you saying it was not a cause of the deaths?


oh i know that…I was going off roses argument


Well I hope the government accepts your report over that of a university.


The hurricane was a contributing factor in the thousands of deaths. It was a causal factor in only a few dozen of deaths.
The thousands died for other causal factors that could have been prevented.

All other hurricane death tolls in history are a count of deaths where the hurricane was the causal factor. Someone has a political or self serving reason for wanting to change what is being reported now.