Trump denies hurricane killed 3k in puerto rico


We know nothing of the kind. Such a claim is absolutely unprovable.


Only if you have no common sense and need to carry Trumps water.


come on guys. only about 16-18 people died in PR.

that’s some masterful presidentin there.


Once again you have yet to demonstrate that you even understand the meaning of the phrase.

If you cannot even show the cause of death much less what precipitated it common sense says you cannot attribute it to any specific cause or event.


What happened to suicide? That corner you keep backing into is awfully small.


Yes, a 21% higher mortality rate was just a random ‚Äúcoincidence‚ÄĚ with a devastating hurricane‚Ķ, you are not the sharpest tool in the shed, are you?


I guess if you cant argue with facts, you create a strawman and argue with that.

Many more died… the bodies are real…but the hurricane did not kill them.


Yes, Rubin Cane was wrongfully convicted, good point.


If I die 3 days after a car accident, from complications from my car accident… did I die because of the car accident or just naturally?


Your death certificate has to state the make and model of the car that killed you, the vin number in some states.


Causal factor
Contributing factor



so the argument is because we cant tell how some of these people died that the 3000 figure is false?


you might wanna tell your favorite politician…


nah. what’s really happening is Trump said something stupid and Trump Republicans just rushed to defend him in any way possible. as usual.


I kind of laughed because my uncle is a pig farmer in NC. Praying they will be ok.


Why did you say ‚Äúnaturally‚ÄĚ as the other choice? No one is saying that. Just you.

If you are taken to a hospital with lots of gashes and broken bones but die of an infection, the medical records will NOT say that you died of a car accident. They will say you died of a condition that was not present on admission‚Ķ and the hospital will get a ‚Äúdemerit‚ÄĚ for your death.

That was a perfect example. Thanks.


He and I are saying the same things. The hurricane did not kill all those people. Mr Trump and I are in sync.


Apparently. The tactic here is to doubt the report, then ask others to disprove one’s doubt.


It is a false statement to say the hurricane killed 3000 people.


How do you know? Show your work