Trump denies hurricane killed 3k in puerto rico


typical…and lazy


People died years after Chernobyl…is it fair to say their deaths were not caused by radiation leaked from Chernobyl s reactors?


Those who’s deaths were determined to be due to radiation exposure certainly were. Those that were not cannot be.

Radiation exposure can be a very slow, cruel killer or it can be instant depending on the level of exposure.


If they died of radiation poisoning, yes.

So those who died of drowning, being struck from flying or floating debris, electrocution from windblown wires during the hurricane, etc… died from the hurricane.

I explained perfectly with this post.


Actually it’s a bad analogy, the records will show the cause of the lacerations as well as the final cause of death due to infection of same.

Someone crushed by a falling wall during the hurricane who dies weeks or months later due to complications or failure to recover from a coma would still be counted as a hurricane death and rightfully so.


I’m familiar with how the medical community will document the death. What I said was correct. If the person dies of an infection, it will be listed as I said… “condition not present on admission” and the hospital will be blamed. Period.

You just introduced other scenarios that I did not comment on.

If they died of bleeding or a rib through the heart … the car accident will be the cause of death…although they will use some ICD-10 terminology that corresponds to the specifics.


Both the initial incident and final cause of death are documented in the records.

This is the same way in which one can be prosecuted for a murder in which the death occurs months or even years after the precipitating event.


Check out @DeathStarPR’s Tweet:

2 billion people did not die on Alderaan. In fact, it’s definitely still there. Trust us. The Rebellion are reporting it exploded to make us look bad. Bad politics. We love Alderaan!


I referred to hospital records. You are introducing legal aspects. From a hospital’s perspective, this “initial cause” as you called it is known as “external cause of morbidity”.

But the ICD-10 guideline says that there is no mandatory requirement to capture this data. It is just useful information for some purposes.

Chapter 20: External Causes of Morbidity (V00-Y99)
The external causes of morbidity codes should never be sequenced as the first-
listed or principal diagnosis.
External cause codes are intended to provide data for injury research and
evaluation of injury prevention strategies. These codes capture how the injury
or health condition happened (cause), the intent (unintentional or accidental; or
intentional, such as suicide or assault), the place where the event occurred the
activity of the patient at the time of the event, and the person’s status (e.g.,
civilian, military).
There is no national requirement for mandatory ICD-10-CM external cause code reporting. Unless a provider is subject to a state-based external cause
code reporting mandate or these codes are required by a particular payer,
reporting of ICD-10-CM codes in Chapter 20, External Causes of Morbidity, is
not required. In the absence of a mandatory reporting requirement, providers are encouraged to voluntarily report external cause codes, as they provide valuable data for injury research and evaluation of injury prevention strategies.


The medical records will list the initial crash as the cause of the wounds that became infected and eventually resulted in her death.

By law all treatment, complaints, and causes have to be charted.


They MIGHT list it. But there is no requirement to do so. I provided the indisputable reference for documenting a person’s hospital experience. ICD-10.

If you want to argue with that go ahead…


Particularly on an island. It’s not like they could just walk or fly away in the aftermath.


They are required by law to chart all of it.


You’re a better man than me, Ishmael. I heard Trump’s denouncement of the report and instantly doubted him. That is due to his prolific difficulty with the truth. This is my bias. I have no such bias against George Washington University as I have no experience with them being dishonest. I’ll stand by the report and watch you folks invalidate it.


Flights carrying refugees were departing PR as soon as the airport reopened.

Boats were leaving as soon as the storm cleared and they could safely navigate the Atlantic.


And nobody kept track of who they were. They just loaded anonymous people onto planes and boats, took them somewhere and none of those people were ever heard from again. Makes total sense.


Evacuations are by their very nature chaotic. We’re not talking about a typical flight or cruise for vacationers and there’s no central reporting or coalation of manifests.


I don’t think anyone would dispute that. The problem is Trump taking to Twitter once again to claim something didn’t happen, and that it’s just a conspiracy against him to make him look bad.

He makes himself look bad 95% of the time, he doesn’t need any help.

And as I said in another thread, imagine if it was one of your loved ones.


Since day one the reporting and commentary on the relief effort has been targeting him as being responsible for unnecessary deaths and much of has claimed he let them die because of racism.

He’s not responsible for any of that reporting or the accusations.


It’s tremendously big and tremendously wet. Trump’s water.

And he’ll carry it. All of it.