Trump denies hurricane killed 3k in puerto rico


Actuaries consider all the factors in their projections.


Don’t you mean why is it that there would be concerted efforts to find new ways to calculate deaths, including statistical correlation over time lines, that were never used in say, Sandy?


Trump is a pretty honest adult. Why are we doubting his words?


You are so right. It is sooooo much better to have a bulbous, orange self-centered president who always sounds like he’s snorting cocaine in between his words.


Maybe you haven’t been studying mortality stats for the last 20 years like some people have.


Hiroshima had about 100,000 instances of excess mortality between the previous years and August of 1945.

Hard to say what could have caused it without knowing the cause of death in each individual instance, though.


Maybe science will one day understand, but not yet. I have my hopes.


Radiation exposure was specifically identified as the cause of death in those cases.


It’s disappointing. You’d think they’d have better data by now.


They died from paper towel neglect.


Feel free to show us that a different metric was used in this case.


Petulant child like their petulant child in the WH.


Yeah who knew spending a bunch of cash, running trillion dollar deficits, ballon the national debt even faster than Obama, and keeping wages flat when adjusted for inflation would produce marginally increased GDP and more jobs.

Probably ought to question what happened to half the electorates insistence that we cut spending and reduce deceits. The GOP house would never allow Obama do do what they have with Trump. Now you’ve got the trifecta.

What do you suppose is gonna happen when it comes time to pay the piper, cause guess what? The mythical trickle down isnt going to account for it.

In fact the same crisis we suffered in the last depression on the back of consumer lending is now going forth in an even more exaggerated manner with corporate lending as companies expand with loans a lot of them based on hope rather than real demand, leading to all this hiring. Hopefully you see what is coming. Probably be even worse this time, but we shall see.


Sure it does…centers of population…reliance today on electricity vs then…reliance today on decent plumbing, running water, etc. vs then…and then have that all taken away.


Not hard to do. The fact that it is not obvious to you says you really dont understand… and that I would be wasting my time if I even added one sentence to prove my point. My post is for those who still have free will, an innate curiosity, and an ability to analyze.

You need not pay any attention.


“I voted for trump, but I never supported him”…Whaaaaaaaa?


I truly hate to think about the diseases after Florence with all those pig poop lagoons overflowing into the water system.


^ guilty…


Unless the death certificate says “death by Hurricane” it doesn’t count!


Unless you can show a death occurs as a result of the hurricane it doesn’t count.


What does that make them, then?