Trump denies hurricane killed 3k in puerto rico


Covfefe I believe


Already done, well that was simple!


Not to forget that Obama was also blamed for Katrina.


No it hasn’t, not for anywhere near 3,000 deaths now being claimed.


Gee…I guess Puerto Ricans care so little for their loved ones, that they wouldn’t keep track of those who left as opposed to those washed out to sea…


We couldn’t even get an accurate count of Katrina refugees that fled NO.

People disappear in natural disasters with great frequency never to be accounted for.


Yes it has, but the results just don’t fit your narrative. A 22% increase in deaths has been observed versus previous years… but you would have us all believe it was just random… yeah go kick rocks.


Which in no way can be claimed to be actually accounting for how or why they died without examining each individual case.


Except for common sense, but I know that one is difficult for you,


You have yet to demonstrate any common sense at all.


Well, we no longer need to imagine.


Says the guy who thinks a 22% increase in deaths is not related to the massive hurricane that devastated the island. Yeah, you are bright one!


How many of those deaths were due to murder or suicide?


Hey! That makes total sense…LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL


I’m not a grammar Nazi by any means. But that run on sentence is nasty.


Considering “death by hurricane” is not listed on death certificate your point is irrelevant. Suicide and homicide are.


i think it has to be more specific than that. it has to be listed as something like “Death by falling tree at peak of storm surge” to count.


“Man dies after reperator fails when hospital losses power and generators fail following hurricane.”

Trump supporters - “Not caused by hurricane! Hospital at fault for not buying better generators.”


You can’t drive or take a greyhound off an island.


When people disappear after natural disasters in this age of hyper automation, the vast majority of the time it means they’re dead.