Trump denies hurricane killed 3k in puerto rico


Conspiracy Theorists Say Obama Engineered Hurricane Sandy


Not as much as the people who decide the laws! Again Apples and Oranges.


Donald J. Trump :heavy_check_mark: @realDonaldTrump

Millions without electricity across NY & NJ. The media has covered for Obama’s massive failure. Can you imagine if this was another Pres?

4:52 PM - Nov 7, 2012


No one can… you did no such analysts.

My question is even if you found that they counted differently, why is the scrutiny on this disaster, but not on others? What about this disaster make cons want to challenge numbers?


You know those cons. Sticklers for the facts.


I bought some new boots last week. Could do a study to see how many people will have died for a one month period after my purchase, then claim my boots are responsible for killing them?


yeah. funny ain’t it.


The damn irony, there’s always a tweet from fat donald, always! Lol!


Do you think their baseline expected mortality count is inaccurate based on the previous 7 years before the storm?


Analysts is not a verb.

The reason we’re discussing the numbers here in this case is because of what has been asserted about it recently.

We had similar discussions about Katrina, Rita, and every other major hurricane to hit the states since I’ve been on this forum.

When people start asserting blame, such discussions will naturally occur.


I don’t know nor do I care since neither causation nor blame are being asserted as to how and why they died.


Amen to that. Obama is the worst President this country has ever had with his stuttering uh, uh, uh, and his self centered, me, me, me, I, I, I and that lisp of his where all his words end in a hissing sound. :open_mouth:


This is so divorced from reality… I don’t even know where to begin! :joy::joy:


Perhaps in your lifetime but we’ve had some real winners going on back particularly in the 19th and early twenties centuries.


Asserted by whom? Trump? Cons are questioning numbers based on Trump conspiracies?

This can’t be true…


How is it you managed to miss the last year’s worth or blaming Trump for the death toll in Puerto Rico?



Blaming Trumps admin for the failed response, that his FEMA office confirmed in a recent report?

Blaming Trump for shooting paper towels at people like he is MJ?

Blaming Trump for calling people of PR lazy?

Blaming the people of PR for the amount of money their disaster is costing the federal government?

You mean that blame?


Since you failed to answer the question let’s give it one more try.


You aren’t very good at this…

I pointed out several things that Trump got blamed for… so of course I didn’t miss the year worth of blaming Trump for the death toll. The first point on my list is directly attributed to the Trump admin.


No, I’m saying the baseline. You don’t think based on 7 years of detailed data an expected mortality rate can’t be established? I guess actuaries are a scam? Someone tell the insurance companies…