Trump denies hurricane killed 3k in puerto rico




i’m pretty sure that’s Hillary’s fault.


What, specifically, about the methodology of the official report do you disagree with? What experience do you have running and critiquing such analytical models?


You’ve got to be a Poe. There’s no way that anyone can be that unaware.


It is statistical correlation with no cause and effect.

And it is meaningless as a measure of what kind of job was done. What would a similar analysis have come up with for Sandy? 100,000 dead?
We have no idea.


The objection is due to the fact that the basis for their calculations ignores causation. They looked at the increase in deaths alone during this time frame without any consideration of of how or why they died.

I’ve been critiquing studies for over 20 years.


Who was president during the hurricane? Which party held all of congress?


Televangelist Blames Hurricane Matthew On Obama

There are some curse words!!!


Satire? I suppose when faced with the facts of standard hurricane death reporting methods used in the history of hurricanes, satire is as good as any other rebuttal method.

Libs want to rewrite everything we know about hurricanes… for political reasons…to fuel the Trump hate machine.

But before there was such hate, there was also science and reason. We learned that the storm surge was the deadliest part of the hurricane. The deaths in the aftermath are unfortunate but caused by the inability of civil infrastructure to support the lives it is responsible for.

Storm surge was the main cause of death during Hurricane Katrina. In fact, it can be the most dangerous part of any hurricane, and it is only partly determined by wind speed (the aspect of a storm on which the hurricane categories are based). It occurs when strong winds from an approaching hurricane push water into the shore.

Maria was no different.

No libs… you can fool your own people but the rest of know how and why those thousands died. It was not the hurricane.


Blaming anyone for things we cant control is beyond stupid! Whether Obama or anyone else! The only problem is the guy you posted is not an elected official, we literally have elected officials blaming someone for something no one can control. I guess we can blame the next Tornado to destroy Moore Oklahoma on you? None of this makes sense.


yeah, that guy is only a preacher. who preaches. on TV.

probably doesn’t affect people at all.


So you have facts to back up this 3,000 dead from the hurricanes? Last I heard it was around two dozen or less who died.


He is not the one casting votes deciding the fate of the country, Apples and Oranges.


and we wonder why Trump got almost as many votes as Hillary.


no but he certainly is someone who influences voters who elect the politicians.




He’s one of yours for sure.


I’ve been playing golf for 30, and am about as good at it.



Let’s see. Sure, there was Sandy (Sean Hannity: “I want to show you this report by our own David Lee Miller of a public housing unit in New Jersey, and – I’m sorry, in Brooklyn – devastated. This is Obama’s Katrina”), but there were also:

  • The Fort Hood Shooting
  • Ebola
  • The Swine Flu
  • The BP Oil Spill
  • Not attending the Paris March against terrorism

and other things that were labeled “Obama’s Katrina.”

No one disputes that BENGHAZI! was Obama’s BENGHAZI!


Then show where I’m wrong in my criticism.