Trump Debt/Deficit


Illegal immigrants may not, but Coyotes do.


Also, its amusing that you only made a half-assed attempt to refute 1/3rd of my examples of why a wall is worthless in this case


Roadblock as in a temporary measure until other means of entry are found. 150+ tunnels that we know of have been found along the walled US/Mexico border. The wall wouldn’t stop those. The manpower needed to monitor a 2,000 mile wall for tunnels and respond to breaches would be incredible. Sea and air routes would not be affected.

The Vatican wall, built in the 9th century, is 2 miles long. That’s 1/1000th the length of the US/Mexican border and was constructed before gunpowder, electricity, and heavy machinery. If you want to infer effectiveness on a wall made a millennia before the modern flush toilet, that’s all you.


Great…let’s confiscate the planes, sell them and pay for the wall. Then…Mexico paid for it.


I apologize that I could only go waste deep down your rabbit-hole.


Good luck with that…


Thank you my friend.


I’m sorry you feel reality is a rabbit hole. That does explain your stubborn devotion to such an outdated and ineffectual “solution” though.


…your “ineffectual” is really inaffactual. Walls work…that’s why there are so many walls and fences right outside your window.


Walls work for the specific circumstances. The southern border does not meet those circumstances.


Trump is just really bad with money. I bet his dad knew it.


anyone that blows money on stupid stuff like gold plated toilets really shouldn’t be given a check book.


Let’s say a guy in Israel is running to be Prime Minister but Israeli banks won’t lend him money due to him screwing them over and over.

Should the Israeli people elect him?


The bold is patently false. Not only will $5.7B not construct near enough barrier/fencing to even make a dent in border crossings, but additionally, border crossings are not even the majority reason for illegal immigrants being in the country illegally. Why make such demonstrably false claims like this?


Maybe the government can contact one of those debt forgiveness agencies I hear on the radio and TV once in a while.

Uncle Sam can tell the American people “Before I contacted Debt Forgiveness, I owed 21 Trillion dollars. With Debt Forgiveness, I was able reduce down my debt to a mere 2 thousand dollars. Thanks Debt Forgiveness!”


Yeah…what does the border patrol know who says it’s absolutely necessary.


“The report was based on internal Customs and Border Protection documents from the 2017 fiscal year. It concluded that less than one half of 1 percent of the agents’ suggestions to secure the Southwest border mentioned the need for a wall.”

Yep…sounds like they REALLY think that it is absolutely necessary…


Less than 1 out of every 200 agents even made mention of a wall as a possible suggestion to help secure the border.

Yep…sounds like the definitely feel its necessary.


Oh, but that 1 guy will be trotted out by the administration as much as possible!


Exactly right.