Trump Debt/Deficit

Wow, how come I haven’t heard the ‘conservative’ talks how hosts complaining about this debt/deficit under trump? FEDERAL SPENDING UP 145%!!! This is under trump.

The Tea Party is about to rise up in great vengeance and furious anger against the Trump Administration for this travesty.

Wait for it.

Any second now…


1 Trillion!!! no way! I can’t believe that a President would spend that much money!

Hmm, let’s see, how much did Obama and the Democrats spend again?

Ohhhhh yeah, they almost doubled the national debt from around 11 Trillion, to 19 Trillion.
That’s why you haven’t heard “Conservative” talk hosts complain about it.

Because Obama has spent over 7 Trillion more than Trump!

LOL , trump isn’t done yet! This only only year two for trump and it’s more than 1 trillion!

US national debt rises $2 trillion under Trump; that 1 trillion per year under your ‘great leader’ ! LOL

The deficit better be 1 trillion plus 5 billion.

That’s the spirit. When you’re already running a cool trillion dollar deficit, what’s another 5 billion?


That philosophy is why the debt and deficit continue to grow. The leaders look at the government as a credit card with no spending limit. The government should not be allowed to operate in a deficit.

A balanced budget should be an amendment to the constitution. Several states already have this included in their respective constitutions.

Although, personally, I would disqualify any candidate who campaigns on reducing the deficit or balancing the budget. In these days and times with all the chest-puffing from bloated government, I cannot see any President fulfilling their promise. Verbal diarhea, so to speak.

George Bush did double the debt and Ronald Reagan almost tripled it. I assume you are not a fan of either?

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I’m certainly not a fan of the debt that was rung up in their administrations!

This thread is just the next in a weekly series of bash-fiscal-conservatives-who-have-no-voice-in-the-government threads.

As far as I’m concerned, it sucks to see the deficits. It has sucked for years. For decades.

That\s not really a fair argument when many of the same Republican politicians who came into power in 2010 by yelling about debt are now basically silent.


Maybe one day people will stop giving “fiscal conservatives” wedgies and stop putting them in lockers.


Jeff Flake was one of them. He’s the most extreme example (in my opinion) of these guys getting absorbed into the power rush that the position affords. Most of them lost their conservative compass.

And that’s why I say that I have no voice in the government.

By the way, some of those who tried to hold to their principles were marginalized by the GOP leadership. Taken off of committee positions. Silenced. Overwhelmed by the sheer outnumbering by business as usual colleagues. Some were voted out in subsequent elections for being ineffective or washed away by Establishment money in subsequent elections. Some left in frustration. There never were many to start with.

But whatever the reason, I have very little representation as a fiscal conservative. If any.

Wanna bet it would essentially be the same has Hillary won?

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The deficit would not be nearly the same as we wouldn’t have removed massive amounts of revenue from coming in and received basically nothing in return from the corporations who benefited.

She would have had initiatives that spent more.

And she wouldn’t have created an economy as friendly to business and growth as the one we have now. In fact she would have continued Obama’s regulation-creation trajectory.

The “regulation” trajectory that was basically steady growth for the better part of a decade? Versus the Trump trajectory that seems to be wild swings in the stock market because nobody has any real trust in the leadership?

That’s complete garbage. Would the GOP controlled house created initiatives that spend more?

If you want to cut deficits you NEED a Democrat in the White House and have the GOP control the House or the Senate. This is why Obama and Clinton were able to lower the deficit, while GOP presidents like GWB and Trump explode it.

It probably looks that way through the liberal prism.

( shrug )

To most libs. Sure.