Trump Debt/Deficit


Reagan was cool. Bush not so much.

Did they spend more or less than 7 trillion?


When Obama became President, he inherited two wars along with a terrible economy.


So that justifies him spending 8 trillion dollars?

The economy got a lot worse while Obama was in office.


Got a lot worse by what measure?


The debt is a big thing. President Trump should get a chance to follow up on his promise to reduce or get rid of it. Sure its getting higher for now, but that happened under Obama at first too didn’t it. President Trump should get the same chance. His tax cuts should start cutting the deficit here pretty soon.

Reducing or getting rid of the debt is a big reason he got elected.


What? are you talking about.

This is a hilariously funny statement.


If you are just basing things on raw amounts and not percentages, then the worst stock market performance in history has occurred under Trump.


Did you support the budget busting tax cuts that have radically spiked the deficit?


Yes, I am pretty sure you will continue to vote for the party that is responsible for most of it.


AKA, reality.


Obamacare. the mandate when he lied and said people could keep their
existing policies without paying any extra. lol.

Obamacare represents the Democratic Party trying to push this country closer
and closer to Socialism. Which the last time I checked, Venezuela wasn’t doing so hot,
but maybe Democratic voters should go live down there for a week and see if they could
survive in what they consider their nirvana.

And 1 trillion is 999billion + 1 billion. So 8 trillion is a lot worse than the billions
that Trump is asking for the wall, or most of the money that the Democrats
are complaining that Trump spends.


You are pulling my leg.

You don’t honestly believe that? Right?


I wish there was some kind of public record kept of all the liberals so outraged by the " budget busting tax cuts that radically spiked the deficit," they refused it. I’m guessing if there was, not one single solitary liberals name would be on it. At least conservatives admit it.

Did I support the tax cut? You bet I did. If there was an iota of moral decency in Congress and they were using our tax money wisely, deficits might bother me. Our government has already spent the next 10 generations into economic slavery, so what difference if its 11?

Divide and conquer is a great tactic used throughout history. Maybe if the American tax payers united and started worrying more about what our government is doing ( screwing the American people), and less about what they are not doing ( collusion) we could actually get a government of, by and for the people.

I’m not holding my breath…


Wow well there ya have it.

If republicans had any sense of true fiscal responsibility they wouldn’t bust the budget with tax cuts without necessary offsets in spending decreases. Instead we get the same old tired voodoo economics that it will trickle down bla bla bla. Trillion dollar deficits later- they clutch their pearls…we must do something about the debt. Lame…


Can you prove me otherwise?


Willfully ignorant of reality or Poe?

I honestly can’t tell the difference.


Yes… By using history.




Hillary would have continued what Obama started.

However, Hillary surely would have dealt with a Republican Congress, which would have meant a lot of stalemate and bickering.


Republican Congress would have forced deficit reduction in the same way that they pressured Obama to do the same.