Trump Debt/Deficit


Do you have a suggestion as to what tax payers could do to focus on what the government is doing versus what government is not doing? Shallow claims like “draining the swamp” and the foundation of “career politicians” does nothing but harm John Q Taxpayer.

I, for one, would love to see term limits.
And getting special interest groups out of politics.


Conservatives don’t care and have never started a thread about it. lol

800 billion dollars added to the US Debt since May 2018.


Predictable… An oblivious liberal.
Let me explain my point here, since you missed it. I’ll type a little slower this time…

Whereas, I didn’t single out any party, you did, due to the invincible hypocrisy that afflicts liberals and destoys their ability to reason.

The problem is not tax cuts. The problem is massive overspending. One of the biggest things our tax money is spent on is all the entitlement programs liberal politicians dream up which they use to bribe voters into continuing to vote for them. No president can now stop overspending because the American people love their free stuff and have become so stupifyed and apathetic by our public school system, they don’t see they are voting to put themselves in economic bindage.

We should be teaching our children about money and fiscal responsibility, I believe in grade school and all the way through high school ( not to mention the ability to think critically) but other things like tolerance, multiculturalism, political correctness, global warming and the joys of sodomy seem to crowd out time for other things of more importantance. It would also be beneficial to teach them about the Constitution and the ten commandments, but I realize those are documents of hate- can’t have that in our indoctrination centers now can we?

Our government has become so morally bankrupt, I’ve no pretenses they are going to do the right fiscal thing, EVER, they continue to kick the can down the road, decade after decade. If I get to keep a few extra dollars of MY money from being wasted- I will thank you. And so will you. Am I right about that? Of course I am…


Your problem is you blame both side for the acceleration of deficits and debt. But history doesn’t agree with you. The last 2 Democratic admins lowered the deficit or created a surplus… the last 3 republican admins ballooned the deficit.

Democrats spend more but typically try to cover the increases in spending with increases in revenue (taxes). Republicans spend more and lower revenue.


It seems like one party is more fiscally responsible than the other.


We are on the same page here. Term limits would be probably the single best thing to solve a lot of problems. Congress will never vote for that though unless the voters make them. Americans should look at what our politicians have said and more importantly, what they have done in the past as a good way to determine what they are going to do in the future. A wise man once said " those who don’t learn from the past are bound to repeat it." Let’s learn from our past for a change. Of course that also implies that it doesn’t keep getting rewritten…


Yes people pretend Obama didnt come to office with a terrible economy…collapsing economy. Trump got a stable economy and he ballooned deficit back 2009 levels in only 2 years with GOP controlled congress


BTW for cons who are confused, this thread is getting to the heart of examining why you are conservative and how it has nothing to do with money. Never has.


Not sure if you know this, but when you make an assertion, it’s up to you to support said assertion, not for the respondent to prove you wrong.

We’ve all seen this claim multiple times, so I’ll ask you the same I’ve asked them. Take literally any metric you want concerning the economy under Obama and demonstrate that the economy got worse. Wages, UE rate, corp. profits… literally anything you can think of. All the freedom in the world, I’d just wish one of you that goes around making this asinine remark would have the courage to back it up with one simple example.


I agree with you that term limits would solve a lot of problems.

I also would think we would agree that most voters tend to be lazy and continue to vote in the incumbent. Of course what compounds that problem is a lot of time the incumbent is never challenged in primaries. Or if incumbents are primaried, its by someone who doesn’t have the financial backing or is so far extreme on their views no one pays them any attention.


Not to cherry pick your post too much, just that I see this as an underlying problem with the system. Namely, national elections are a rich person’s game - you could be the second coming of Lincoln, but unless you have the resources to throw hundreds of millions of dollars into a campaign it makes no difference.

And Donald has reminded the nation convincingly that great wealth is no guarantee of aptitude, ability, or morality.


I don’t see it as cherry picking, I appreciate your input and thoughts on the subject.

And I agree, a lot of candidates with the money are the ones that get the attention. I will point to Beto O’Rourke’s campaign that received a lot of small donations, but, he was put in the spotlight because he was opposing Senator Cruz. Many of the Congressional seats in more rural areas don’t get that kind of spotlight.


Why is that?


All in all just another brick


I dunno. What do you call 8 trillion dollars of debt under the Democratic Party and Obama?


ok. Give me my history lesson?


I call it not a measure of the economy.

So, what measures of the economy are you using to say, “the economy got a lot worse while Obama was in office?”

Go ahead. I’m listening.


I have the perfect explanation. And it is the most honest one you will ever get. Republicans do not care about the massive spending of republicans. Democrats do not care about the massive spending of democrats. They all simply wait until they are out pf power, then point fingers at the other party. That’s the way it is. That’s the way it will always be.

When democrats start complaining about democratic spending and republicans start complaining about republican spending, then and only then will the game playing be over. But of course this will never happen.


A failure of the government to reign in spending.

It appears to be happening under a Republican president and Republican Party.

What’s the common theme? Both are terrible at managing budgets. Maybe its time to elect folks who can focus on managing spending.


So how about we elect a president and congress with differing parties, so spending can be reigned in.