Trump Debt/Deficit


It doesn’t matter. For the past 50 plus years they have been on a binge. Regardless of the political make up.


I’m hoping that fiscal conservatives will stand up and scream as they did during the last administration. Otherwise, they’re not fiscal conservatives.


Every issue has a conservative and a liberal side (and varying degrees in between, of course.) Someone conservative on one issue (or 100) may not be conservative on spending/debt.

And vice versa.


Be careful with this.

At the current pace, the growth in debt will far outpace that under Trump.


In a booming economy no less…


I’m wondering if anyone here previously attended tea party rallies?


I went to one.


What in the world does Mr. Obama have to do with the out of control spending of Mr. Trump?


It seems that the only time fiscal conservatism comes out is when there is a Democratic president and a Republican-led Congress.


Nah. That’s just when standard GOP-ers and RINOs pretend to latch onto the fiscal conservative bandwagon.

And given that standard GOP-ers and RINOs outnumber fiscal conservatives by magnitudes, your point holds a ton of truth by any appearance.


i’m just glad that Donald Trump has always been a fiscal conservative and that US banks didn’t consider him to have a terrible credit report.


…says the ‘fiscal conservative’ who used to complain about deficits.


When Obama was in office America was going through a downfall, and everybody knew that.

The housing market was horrible. Do you remember that it was a buyers market, and
it was hard to sell? Job security sucked! And there was the 8 trillion dollar debt.


It would be off at least by the amount the tax cuts are adding to the deficit.


Could be both.

There are people who think the Great Recession started under Obama. Lots of people are just flat out ignorant (and proudly so unfortunately).


Trump has initiatives that spend more. Only difference would be WHAT HRC would have spent more on (and honestly, that would have been similar IMO).

re: the economy - trumps economy is a continuation of the trends in place at his inauguration. Why wouldn’t they have continued for HRC?

Despite the growing economy, revenue is way because of the tax cuts. That’s the main reason trump’s ballooning the deficit and debt.


I’m hoping that more and more people are realizing that Hillary is way more qualified to lead our country than a con man who can’t get a loan from a US bank.


I agree on this point.

I think Hillary’s administration would have added to the debt; although not as much as what President Trump has added with his corporate tax cut.


Because only dems can cut the deficit. They need to lead. Reps have tried for decades, and we all know what happens…


The massive debt was here long before Trump, so…