Trump Debt/Deficit


Things are booming under Trump…


The deficit is definitely exploding.


Well, stock market had it’s worst year since 2008. GDP isn’t even going to top Obama’s best year in 2018. Atlanta’s forecast(the optimistic one) for 4th quarter has GDP at 2.6%(sad). Our government is partially shut down. All the level headed people we counted on to keep Trump’s worst impulses in check have left. No one has any idea what Trump is doing in Syria. He’s getting contradicted by his own officials. Yeah. Things are great.


I think the military is ever so slowly starting to lose faith in Trump.


But we also would be spending more elsewhere – likely obamacare and other lib initiatives.


Well-oiled machine. Lol


Prior economic growth was lackluster – in the low 2% range. Now we’re exceeding 3%.


We are not going to be exceeding 3% annualized GDP in 2018, which was the best, and only shot Mr. Trump had to do so.


We had many quarters of 3%+ growth under Obama.


Did you miss the jobs report? And no one care about the govt being shut down.

TDS causes left to love never ending wars showing TV can make them believe anything.


What’s Nancy’s solution?


We basically elected a dude who can’t get a loan in the US (except from maybe the mafia) to be our, wait for it, …

Financial Advisor


Across multiple threads you continue to ask what Democrats solutions/plans are. They have been given to you repeatedly. Yet, you still ask. Fascinating. Lol


What house bill are you referring too?


House bill for what? The Democrats have held the House for all of 96 hours now. Lol


Then they have offered no solutions, yet… But, I’ll be waiting…


…and spending less on increased military spending and bailouts for US farmers.

And it’s doubtful HRC could have moved her liberal spending agenda forward with a GOP controlled house and senate, so it seems likely to me her spending would be way down.


it was trending up from teh recession. The trump years are a continuation of that trend.


Sure they have. They have been provided to you multiple times now, yet you continue to pretend as if you just don’t know what all they have proposed, or are planning on proposing. It’s hilarious really. I enjoy a good Poe. Keep it up! You may be part of what Mr. Erickson was talking about.


Posters opinions are not dem policy plans…