Trump Debt/Deficit


It’s all speculation.

I won’t accept yours and you won’t accept mine so I really don’t see the point in this.


Calendar year 2018 out debt increased 1.48T. Not biggest ever…but this debt increase is approaching the amounts in the “stimulus” years.

Debt is booming…Bigly!


True. But the Democratic Party’s plans and proposals have been provided to you. And that is not “posters opinions” either. Lol


She’s going to stop those nasty tax loopholes to fix the deficit. LOL, as if that’s the problem,

“No longer will devious loopholes be used to balloon the deficit with more giveaways to the ultrawealthy at the expense of working families.”

and then the race inquisition, LOL!

“Our rules package will promote diversity and inclusiveness by creating a new diversity office to help ensure congressional staff better reflect the diversity of the American people; ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity; and ensure religious expression by explicitly allowing religious headwear in the House chamber.”

This is going to be fun!


Are you finally going to stop asking what they are proposing to do? Disagree with it all day long. But the silly questions of pretending they have no agenda is just that…silly. Lol


You keep repeating your self and not showing the dem’s official agenda…Fascinating!..


Not with a GOP Congress who would had its majorities grow in 2018.

And even so, if we have to run up the debt, is rather it go to giving people healthcare than the rich so they can hoard it.


The Democrats are more fiscally responsible than the Republicans. Recent history proves this to be true.

However, the Republicans have branded themselves as fiscally responsible, as well as Constitutionalists, patriots, real Americans, and so on and so forth.

Branding is everything.

In reality, the only correct choice for a fiscally responsible voter is to vote Democrat.


I already know the agenda. Multiple posters here have provided it to you multiple times now. Lol


I just think it’s unlikely that HRC would have added anything near Trump’s level of debt. It just doesn’t seem logical.

Trump is spending like a liberal, and cutting taxes.

HRC would have spent like a liber and not cut taxes.


and elect and support a guy who can’t get…

a loan.


I can’t speak for the trillion but the 5 billion I referred to will save our country many times that amount every year there after. This is an investment that will pay large dividends that will help lower the trillion dollar deficit and it really is that simple my friend.


That stupid wall won’t pay for anything. Its no more an investment that the '78 Chevette that was my first car was. It would be nothing but money thrown down the toilet for no other purpose than Trump building another monument to himself in a vain attempt to fill the empty hole inside his narcissistic body.


When do you think that that freefall started?


Trump is good at building monuments to himself. I’ll give him that.

That he’s doing it with our money is genius.


I don’t believe that for a second. A wall is a roadblock, not an impenetrable barrier. The wall would have to be staffed and monitored around the clock, which would be expensive, and even that couldn’t prevent all breaches, let alone stop other routes of illegal immigration.

Much like other border walls, it would become a lightening rod for intolerance and short sightedness. A worthless scar along our southern border.


…and your feelings are noted.


You cannot provide one factual, reasonable justification for wasting 5 billion dollars on a partial wall that will be flown over, tunneled under, or traversed around immediately after it has been built. None exist.


Exactly. How many women and children will be able to get over it? How much time will buy border patrol agents to stop those that can? Why does the Vatican have a wall? Why is there a fence around the WH? Now apply that same logic and you’re starting to enter the reality of how well a wall will work.


Yeah…illegal immigrants have a whole hanger full of planes just waiting to be used in case “we” build a wall.