Trump Debt/Deficit


Hopefully it’s Joe the Plumber. Whatever happened to him anyway?


I actually will admit that a wall will reduce illegal immigration. It would certainly make it more difficult and costly to cross if tunnels, planes, and boats become the norm. Plus there are some areas of the border where we just can’t place a wall effectively.

I would hope we can all agree to that. But will the reduction in illegal immigration be worth the cost?

I’d be willing to compromise if building more wall where it makes sense.


It sounds to me as if you’re being obtuse about this or it’s something else that you don’t have control of?

JUDD: I don’t think it’s going to be - well, OK, it’s going to be a lot more secure. But what we’re talking about is we’re talking about a wall in strategic locations. We’re not talking about a great wall of the United States. We’re not talking about a continuous wall from California down to Texas. We’re talking about a wall in strategic locations which then helps the Border Patrol agents do their job better.


“we’re talking about a wall in strategic locations” like off Galveston to stop one of the united States biggest ports and the 4th largest city from flooding I would suggest thats the best “Strategic location”


There is already 653 miles of physical security (border/fence) between the United States and Mexico. We could argue about in what areas more physical barriers make sense, however much of the area where there is not currently a physical barrier do not make sense for a variety of reasons.


Agreed. Like I said, it would be great to know where specifically Trump would buildxwall with the money he is requesting. Then we could debate if it made sense.


Because he’s not the cause. We’ve had massive deficits for a decade, and it’s going to get worse as predicted long before Trump was pres…

DEms won’t even admit the cause…


So if things are sooooooooooo dire, why didn’t the “fiscally conservative” GOP pass bills to reign in spending and reduce the deficit and debt when they had all three branches of government?

Typical Trumpsters blaming others for them crashing the car while they were behind the wheel. Party of zero responsibility.


Because we have Rino’s… and dems are a top down party where no individuals allowed to think for themselves…


Great response. It demonstrates depth of knowledge.


It’s funny that illegal immigration has been falling since about 2000.

That means it was higher under Obama than under trump.

Yet, under obama, all RW media talked about was the deficit and the debt.

Now, all they talk about is immigration, which is better than it was then…

So strange.


In the last years of Obama, the deficit was getting better. Now it is getting worse.

What on earth are you talking about?


Completely and wholly inaccurate post.


See, Dems won’t admit the cause…


If that was true, you’d tell us why…


For what purpose my dear? There is not much reason to try and enlighten those who choose not to see.

Trump is cool, remember? You’re probably just jealous of Melania. Lol


maybe the income paid to Trump’s multiple lawyer’s to fight federal and state charges will help with the debt.

wait. does Trump pay his bills or shaft people out of money?


Cool…you found a quote from the 1 in 200 who thinks the wall is the best way to control illegal immigration. Well done. Now, how 'bout you interview the other 199 and see what they say.


So it’s always some one else’s fault. Always.

Please enlighten me what Patriot non-RINO voted against the fiscal irresponsible tax cuts?


This is rich. As we all know, the GOP Senate unanimously approved a CR to fund the government before the shutdown. You know, every GOP senator thinking for themselves that keeping the government open is a good thing. Now, the top of their party is preventing them from even voting on essentially identical legislation.

You should probably reread your posts before hitting “Reply”. Save yourself some embarrassment.