Trump caves again - Vapes

On a flight on Nov. 4, while traveling to a political rally in Kentucky, Mr. Trump was swayed by the advisers who warned him of political repercussions to any sweeping restrictions. Reviewing talking points on the ban aboard the plane with advisers, Mr. Trump decided to cancel the administration’s rollout of an announcement, which included a news conference that Alex M. Azar II, the health and human services secretary, was planning to hold on the issue the next day. Instead, another meeting was proposed.

So Trump caves again…

Honestly, I don’t know much about vaping, and the recent deaths associated with it But jeez, does Trump follow through on anything? Bump Stocks are the only thing I can think of…

Also, is anyone else surprised that the vape contiengency seems to be a political force to be reckoned with?

This is a good thing, and some libs are still whining.

Go figure.

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He’ll have more flexibility after he gets re-elected


What is good? That he said he would ban some vapes, and now is not?

Some will try to spin it as a good thing, that the president is so flippant with his policy positions. What did he hear on that plane that he didn’t bother to learn before taking his initial position?

I doubt it was new information.

You were already a part of this conversation, but it would seem a new thread is needed instead of posting an update in the other one. :man_shrugging:

I get it, some of y’all serious hate Trump with genuine emotions from your hearts. Blah blah blah. lol

Creepy Joe gave him 6 hours to change his mind. The Crackhead vapes crack.

Good. Maybe he learned that the illnesses being reported weren’t due to legally sold products but were instead caused by black market THC vaping liquid. And decided a problem created by the ban of the sale of THC in most states would likely be made made worse by sweeping knee jerk bans of flavored nicotine products that would create a market void that would be swiftly filled by unscrupulous illegal products.

More likely someone told him it was going to cost him millions of votes in swing states he can’t afford to lose and he’ll happily ban them if he wins reelection.

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When he wins re-election.

Okay Nostradamus.

So, where are you on this issue? Favor a ban? Or favor keeping govt. out of it?

The article talks about vapes protesting at the Ellipse. Anyone else surprised at this? Never occurred to me that people would be so into vaping that they would protest. Wasn’t the band just going to be on the chemical linked to the deaths?

I see now. You wanted him to ban them and now you’re mad that he isn’t.

Trump wants to ban flavored ecigs

You’ll just never get your way with him, will you? :rofl:


Was it black market THC, or black market flavors?

Because I thought he was going to ban flavors…or was that too keep kids away from vaping?

Whole thing confuses me honestly. But I’ve never been a smoker, or a vaper.

Give up the Personal Electronic Nicotine Inhalation System or face the consequences.


If you would’ve gone back to the original thread where this was all explained, you wouldn’t be confused. Just go back an read. It’s linked. lol

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I don’t think they like it when you do that.

I’m just helping to alleviate the confusion. It’s hard to see the bigger picture when one is in a hurry to bash Trump. :wink:

“Vapes”? Is that what you call them?

Yeah, but it’s not fair. You’re using their own words.

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Allow me to quote that post in it’s entirety and ask you to respond - how do you square the circle?


I agree with him. But I’m a liberal democrat.

Wonder how conservatives will square the circle…actaully, I don’t wonder. They will just cheer and pretend like this is exactly what they have been preaching for 10 years

I didn’t make this post because I want him to ban anything, or don’t want him to ban anything. That’s a separate conversation. I am commenting on his latest retreat from an impulsive decision and announcement.

You understand that right?

Personally, I am for keeping drugs that kill people out of products. As Zantax pointed out, it’s unclear which drugs those are - (or maybe it’s not…maybe Zantax knows…) I am also in favor of banning flavors that are marketed to kids that get them started on the whole vaping thing, because generally, I don’t think kids should put ■■■■ in their lungs.

These positions have nothing to do with the fact that Trump said he was going to do something, then reversed course, yet again.