Trump cancels Pelosi's flight


So? Basically, Trump cancelled her flight just as she cancelled his speech. If you think one was a brave, gutsy move, you have to think the other was also. If you think one was a kindergarten level spat, you have to think the other was also.
Basically, the idea was not that she take the trip under increased risks, but that she should delay it until after the shutdown. Now where could he have gotten an idea like that from?


Was Trump’s SOTU canceled?


Was Nancy prohibited from ever taking that trip?


I think Trump offered a dollar towards her commercial flight ticket for her “to express appreciation and thanks to our men and women in uniform for their service and dedication”.
A bus full of lawmakers in tow. Crucial government work.


No, but Trump heightened the security risk for them substantially.


Trump is way Cool… Pelosi drools…


Lindsey Graham is in Ankara visiting Erdogan… during a shutdown…


Due to the shutdown, critical safety concerns for the President during the SOTU address, but magically there’s plenty of security available when needed for Pelosi and her bus of lawmakers to travel overseas to the Middle East and Belgium. Makes complete liberal sense.


Obviously the point is not to take the trip under increased risks, but to delay it until sometime after the shutdown is ended. I hear doing that sort of thing is a great idea…or at least that was the story a couple of days ago.


Like when Obama moved his mother in law in and the CEC went nuts


how dare Pelosi try to visit American Troops serving in a war zone.


Just like Trump did… Not a peep from the CEC


You want one of the highest ranking members of the U.S govenrment to fly into an active war zone on a commercial flight?


That’s a tepid defense of this deplorable behavior.

The military is funded. The Secret Service is not. Another inconvenient detail you’ve decided to ignore.


Hope she left some of her voodoo items


Nope. She should delay until after the shutdown. If she decides to go on a commercial flight now, that is on her.
Just delay. Its the right thing to do in the shutdown, for security reasons and out of sympathy with federal workers not getting their pay (on time).


I ignore irrelevant things. She should delay out of sympathy for those federal workers who will not be paid on time.
All security personnel at the SOTU would be paid for there work, there would just be a delay. You don’t seriously believe that’s what Nany’s hissy fit is all about. You are just saying that for convenience.


How dare Trump want to give a SOTU speech to Congress, just as Presidents have done in times of peace, war and even when their impeachments were being considered.


You would have a point if Trump wasn’t allowing Republican to flight to the middle east to meet with government offical at the same time.


Why do they need a visit from Grandma Denture flapping Pelosi and her bus of lawmakers?