Trump cancels Pelosi's flight


So we need to end all diplomacy until the shutdown ends?


You think that the president leaking the secret travel plans of a Congressional delegation to visit our military in Afghanistan as part of their official oversight role and therefore raising the security risk by his own actions is irrelevant?

That says a lot about the state of our nation.


What a spoiled brat this president is.

He wants something so you have to give it to him. Don’t you get it. Trump wants to give his speech!


m fascinated by the calvier and calous attitude conservatives display when an innocent Illegal Immigrant child is killed or otherwise victimized by a border patrol or detention employee . So easy to do when it’s not your child.


Has there even been a SOTU speech in front of Congress during a government shutdown?


Oh I didn’t realize Trump couldn’t give the address. Here I thought Nancy helpfully guided Trump to the ways of our forefathers and deliver it by letter.


only Republican are allowed to do diplomacy in Trump world.


The House bill is now sitting in the Senate…are you suggesting that Pelosi is in the Senate now?


Or has there ever been a SOTU in 2019? Its irrelevant. Has any ever been canceled by Congress due to a shutdown?
A shutdown is worse than wars, when there have been such speeches?


If the House doesn’t want a speech, there isn’t a speech.


It’s not cancelled now. He can give the speech from the white house lawn.


There was no SOTU in 2017…did the world end?


Funny note when the Queen give her crown speech opening Parliament in the UK the Senior offical for the house of lord goes to the common to ask them to attend the speech in which they slam the door in his face.


And the world wont end if Nancy chooses to delay her trip.


Nope, but we can all admit the only reason why her trip was canceled is because the President is a big baby.


I agree…and apparently so did Pelosi, since she canceled it before donnie sent her the letter.


Or the Oval Office
Or Mar-A-Lago
Or Stormy Daniels’ apartment
Or The Kremlin


Sounds similar to the tradition Queen Pelosi is trying to start.


Or not.


I would love it if the scum sucker in chief would move Melania’s parents in to the White House to take care of Baron.

Wouldn’t faze me a bit.

I would love though to see the Right wingers who freaked at President Obama’s alleged “communist ties” square scum sucking trump moving Melania’s parents into the White House since Melania was born in a communist country to communist parents and her father was known well to be a happy card carrying communist before coming to America as a “chain migration” beneficiary.

I would also love to see the Right wingers deal with it, whose heads exploded, back when the Obama children had their NANA moved in to the White House to care for them.

Would dearly love to see how what was evil to them then would be praiseworthy to them now.