Trump cancels Pelosi's flight


The Speaker is second in the line of succession.


True. But never let facts get in the way of a political point.


What deal does Pelosi have to work out? Her chamber has already done its job and passed funding for the closed departments. She can’t un-pass legislation.


Thats a great point. Trump should have flown her over there before cancelling the flight!


I wonder how Senator Graham got to Ankara…


We have a 6 year old as president.


Fences don’t work were there are no people.

Good fences are already up on the border. (Or don’t you know that fact)



I don’t believe Spanish is one of the languages she understands.


Good gosh. He’s interpreting my statement to mean that not only the planning has been done, but that the security for the SOTU speech has already happened, as if I was saying the secret service had transported to the future, done the security for the speech, and transported back to now.


Not interpreting your statement, merely pointing out that your statement ignores certain realities out of, let’s say, convenience.


Lets say your statement ignores reality out of, lets say, convenience.


Then be my guest and point out what reality my statement has ignored.

I appreciate your insights.


The State of the Union requires significant planning and logistics by the secret service.

It’s unnecessary. That’s why it should be postponed.

dougbh: They had been preparing for this for over a month. It was done.

Very well, this started by my saying that the planning had been going on for months. In your subtle way (you thought) you called me a liar. I showed you a reference from the people involved that the planning had been done for months. “We’ve been planning for this for months, as we always do. It didn’t start up 29 days ago.”

You then ignore this and say I am ignoring certain realities. That was a patently false statement you made right there.


I didn’t ignore it. It was and still is irrelevant to the topic. There’s a difference between ignoring something that is irrelevant and ignoring something that is inconvenient.


The scum sucking man-child president is just once again showing his true colors.

I pray Speaker Nancy Pelosi refuses an invitation to Fat Donald to speak before the Congress for as long as he remains in office and she remains the Speaker.

Let him give the State of the Union message the old fashioned way, via a letter to Congress.

Nice that he NEEDLESSLY sends First Lady Melania to Florida on a military jet to hob-knob with their rich friends down at Marred-A-Lago.

I hope Judicial Watch is keeping track how much the Trump’s needless travel is costing US Taxpayers as vigorously as they tracked every move the Obama’s made.


I “pray” The Trump’s move Melania’s parents into the WH to keep grandparent eyes on Barron.
Triggered left entertainment would be rich.


Or not.


Oh trust me, it would be TDS to new levels.


The House has passed legislation, previously passed by the Senate by a veto-proof margin, to open government, and fund $1.6 billion additional for border security. Trump had previously made known his willingness to sign that legislation. Mitch McConnell is now caving to the fickle whims of President Threeyearold. He needs to get off his butt, come out of hiding, and do his job. Congress should not negotiate with the baby. Babies have no awareness of how their actions affect others, so this one won’t cave until he gets a much-deserved spanking.


So they tried to fly commercial but the Trump admin leaked those plans putting the delegation at risk so the State Dept had to pull the plug.