Trump cancels Pelosi's flight

I do think that this was slightly over the top, but he has a point. She needs to stay in town and negotiate; and if she really needs to get out of the country, she should take a commercial flight…

the irony is delicious

Pelosi wasn’t going on that trip anyway.

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So…this is the tone that conservative republicans want in their government.

Not a good look from the Administration.

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It doesn’t matter about looks, it’s about give backs.

Recommend pushing back SOTU? Well, I’m cancalling your flight overseas. Nanny nanny boo boo.

this isn’t gonna end well…

It probably brought him the only joy he has had in a long time.

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And Pelosi telling Trump to hold off on the State of the Union address was a good look for Pelosi and the dems?

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Do you think this is a good look for Trump?

I LOVE what he did.



How do you feel about forcing the SS to do extra unnecessary work when they’re not getting paychecks?

It’s a partial government shut down. Essential business only.

I LOVE what she did.

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What unnecessary work is the SS doing?

Oh, I don’t know.

Just a couple of days ago he was master of all he surveyed and he was surveyin’ with his own two eyes 1000 hamberders.

That had to give him just a little spark of joy.


The State of the Union requires significant planning and logistics by the secret service.

It’s unnecessary. That’s why it should be postponed.

I forgot that he got to act out the wish of a 13 year old boy. My bad.

In another thread I’ve said what should be done.

Oh and SS says it won’t provide a hardship for them and can be easily done (security for state of union address). Most of the SS is probably still working anyway, just they would be moving to different places.

The SS said they can do it if they’re asked. That’s exactly what I expect them to say. They shouldn’t be asked.

I don’t think the SS said that they can do it easily.

The difference is that the military is fully funded. This isn’t even remotely comparable. Trump is just being a jerk.

He was likely thinking he had died and gone to heaven that night.

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