Trump cancels Pelosi's flight


That crappy food put me through private high school, college and graduate school and a whole host of other things I was fortunate to be given by my parents, like travel, cars, down payment on a house, etc. it’s still crappy food.


The Troops are just devasted Nancy isn’t dropping by.


Oh boy. Touche On a nother note. Who likes Blue Moon Beer? I mean really?


All this because the President of the United States can’t handle Ann Coulter (et. al.) calling him a loser.


Yet Melania must take the very same type of jet to Mar a Lago.


Of COURSE you did. Trumpkins LOVE that he’s a petty, feckless, childish ■■■■■■■■ it makes them feel good about themselves.


Sounds like an outsider ready to shake things up to me.


Your talking to the person who thinks FAA should shut down all flights but those for national emergency and health and safety. Parks should be shut down. Border? Only those with US passports allowed to cross, no applications for amnisty taken. FCC part of this funding hold up? Shut down radio stations that are not the state Primary/county primary needs to shut down. National parks shut down. The only way congress is going to get off their butts is when it becomes painful for mr and mrs john q public.


I for one didn’t want Trump here and that goes double for Pelosi. I haven’t met one person who didn’t Express gratitude. Didn’t matter if visitor was GOP or Dem.


And Melania can tell the pilot where she wants to go in 5 different languages. Woot woot


American taxpayers can tell her where to go in one language.


If it bothers you so much that you are loosing sleep, send them a check.

As it is, people should manage their finances so that they dont loose their mortgages over unforeseen circumstances.


Ha ha. That’s the compassionate conservatism I heard so much about in the previous decades.


I know. That was some really heartless stuff.


Fences work. Every govt compound has one around it for a reason.

Nancy and most of the rest of the 535 have one around their homes for a reason.

Had Rand Paul had one around his home, he probably wouldnt have been tackled by his loon neighbor.

Again, fences work


It doesnt bother me. I have no compassion on this issue at all.

Instead of complaining on a message board, and telling others about how good and righteous you are because of your feelings, put those feelings into action.

As for me, I have no such feelings.

Build the fence.


I am fascinated by the casual attitude liberals display when an innocent American is killed or otherwise victimized by an illegal alien. So easy to do when it’s not you.


It was a well deserved and well played move on Trump’s part.


She’s the third in line. But never let facts get in the way of a political point.


Oh, well, eventually, why didn’t you say so.