Trump cancels Pelosi's flight


I applauded Trump because I am not a partisan hack. I appreciate when our military personal are remembered by either side.


The problem is they would be on our side of the border.
It would then only be a matter of time before they raped and murdered their way out and then God help us all.


They were real burgers and hots made on grills. Not hamberders ordered from crappy fast food chains.


Oh. Donny thought he made a smart play, but like Donny is known to do, he ■■■■■■ it all up:

Epic Fail Donny.


I suggest you just stayin your house and never leave. Remember to lock your doors.


It’s not an essential government function but fortunately the military is fully funded so they don’t have to worry about what is and isn’t strictly “essential” when it comes to funding.


Ha ha…Pelosi doesn’t get to support the troops but Melania gets to pamper herself at their golf resort on the government dime. Great optics bozo.


Let’s also remember that the President just chose to put the 2nd person in the line of succession’s security at risk by declassifying her travel plans to a war zone, and then doubled down after outing her itinerary and suggesting she travel commercial, because he felt like it.

Melania gets to fly to her Florida resort though.


Especially considering tiny trump’s reputation for stiffing people who do work for him.


This jet is allowed to take Melania to Mar a Lago.

This jet is not allowed to let the people’s representatives work.


And conservative republicans are in total agreement.


Except for the Coast Guard which helps watch our…borders.


One difference between these two events.

Pelosi hasn’t actually disinvited the President from delivering the SOTU from the House chamber.


Billions of dollars in profit certainly proves the point that Americans just can’t stand that crappy fast food yucky stuff.
Anywho, like I said when Obama served "hamberders"and hot dogs it was cool.


And Trump has not stopped Pelosi from going on her trip. She can charter her own jet and go where ever she wants.


Meh…if you want to try and hang your hat on that…


“Never get out of the boat.”


I remember when those on the left called visits to the troops a photo op… but you probably don’t remember those days because it was your side doing it…


I don’t think it was over the top at all, I think it was a perfect response to her hard line hypocricy and resistance. She doesn’t need to be traveling all over the world during the “Chancy” government shutdown, she needs to stay in DC and do her job!


She did her job. The house passed funding bills for the entire government.

Didn’t you notice?