Trump cancels Pelosi's flight


Or get on with IT!


Wait. It’s a tizzy fit to simply suggest postponing the SOTU speech but it isn’t a tizzy fit to cancel someone else’s airplane at the last minute?


"However, a senior law enforcement official told NBC News that the Secret Service is fully ready to offer full protection for attendees at the State of the Union address despite the shutdown.

“It’s a no-fail mission,” the official said. “We’ve been planning for this for months, as we always do. It didn’t start up 29 days ago.”

Although Secret Service personnel are not being paid, the intelligence and protection functions of the agency are fully staffed."

Sorry, it was your Pelosi who is the liar, not me.


Yes, it appears to me that Pelosi lied however you made a statement that is obviously not accurate. Even if the planning was done (nothing you’ve quoted indicates that’s true) they actually have to do it. And they’ll be paid for it eventually, which could be months or years from now. Who knows?

Is Trump delivering the SOTU before Congress an essential government function?


I am fascinated by the causal attitude that they will get paid sometime. So easy to say when it’s not you.


And I told you he wouldn’t follow your sound advice. However whats it matter anyways s?


All I can say is, we MUST Secure Our Borders, because if we don’t have borders we don’t have a country.

I say we should stand with President Trump gainst the Democrats who only want to OBSTRUCT the security of our country. :us: :us: :us:


You are pretty good at fooling yourself if you think that’s gonna secure the border.


Incurring late fees. Missing mortgages. Kind landlords missing mortgages because they don’t want to kick out the deadbeat govt worker. Or kick out the single mom waitress who works that restaurant near the National Park thats dead slow


When Obama had his first meet and greet with members of the Congress in the white house he fed them hamburgers and hotdogs and that was really cool


You are suppose to say “single parent”.
Follow the gender rules please. In the near future it could be a forum violation.


Oh how oh how have we maintained our country for lo these centuries without a wall and why oh why did a wall just come up 2 years ago as a campaign device and now we’re supposed to believe our country will disappear without this nutball boondoggle?


But there’s another caravan coming full of rapists, murderers and drug dealers.
How else are we going to stop them?


Same way as last time. Think back hard to how that happened.


Republicans don’t believe in real border security. They believe only in symbolic border security.


Pelosi’s trip was going to be a pollical stunt. She does not care for the troops, if she did she would be staying in DC working out a deal. And I’m sure you were hollering political stunt when Trump visited the Troops at Christmas. And there was no giving away travel plans because she is not going.


(old timer with new name after 2 year hiatus)


Is Pelosi’s trip an essential government function? Does she really need to go right now? Me. I don’t think it will make one bit of difference to the troops if they get to see Pelosi or not. And this is a trip she can make after the shut down has ended.


Trump’s going to run into the Smithsonian and start pawning things.


We are going to make a really long line to apply for asylum… It will almost be as bad as a trip to the DMV… They will have to fill out forms (less than a 1040ez) and the wait for a hearing… unfortunately, DHS is in a partial shutdown so we will have to delay their hearings and make them wait in a US detention center…