Trump Baby Balloon to Fly Over London


Trump was scanning the skies for his likeness in a diaper. Hope he enjoys the sight!


Well, you are clearly in the minority. Most of your nation can’t stand the pathetic ■■■■ head child that Trump is. They are applauding the mocking, minimizing, antagonizing and diminishing of the American Idiot.


You dearly love making totally false comments don’t you? I’ve probably been out of the country more than many of our posters.

p.s. If you ever decide to leave the country as you claim you want to I bet our conservatives would kick in on a 1 way ticket if you promise not to come back. :sunglasses::+1:


Some do and some don’t is my experience. The people supporting Brexit seemed to like him and the anti Brexit folks seemed to oppose him.


Can’t help but wonder if Croatia is flying a celebration balloon over London right now. :rofl:


Green Day’s song ‘American Idiot’ is climbing the British charts thanks to our guy in the White House. Yah, they love him over there. :slight_smile:


Good first post.


For you libs it means England, the UK or Britain “whatever” you want to call the where the Queen of England lives. And for you spelling police…spell this… [email protected]$%^*%!!!


So you don’t have a clue what the correct term is?

Here’s another for the spelling police- ■■■■ Trump!!!


Trump is welcome to visit Canada anytime.


united Kingdom is 4 countries.


I don’t think Brits give a ■■■■ if they peeve Americans or not.


Congratulations on proving stupidity is international!


you should not edit your curse-words, let the filter do it or else it could be considered filter bypass


I think that it is hard to qualify as “masterful” the manipulation of idiots, morons, unhinged nincompoops, and the fitfully angry on the right.

They are sitting in their basements screaming at their TVs begging to be manipulated.


It is the morally correct choice. You are of course free to be unhappy about it.


I have three friends with “Real” money. They pretty much ignore politics.


Real money to me is multiple homes in exciting destinations, Jets, 7 figure boats and cars


Seemed a little freudian.


Not that clean a split.