Trump Baby Balloon to Fly Over London


Putin definitely wants a weaker EU.

Dude is great at playing people.


I’d love to go back to Korea for a bit. Not exactly a large Korean population in central PA to practice.


This is getting funnier everyday. :sunglasses:


Maybe they can have an aerial battle.


Don’t bring The Little Mermaid into this.


I blame lack of caffeine.


Mayor Kahn isn’t a whining man child so flying this balloon makes no sense as a statement.


A sinking ship is not strong. England needs to get in its lifeboat and row away from the sinking ship.


Putin wants to be the dominate player internationally. He’ll stop at nothing to break up every alliance that is stronger than Russia. Hell, he’s playing us the same way. Trump is pissing off almost all of our allies while French kissing Putin.

Now, that’s one time that it’s not really adultery.


Homophobic much?


Just the truth.


You realize that what the UK will eventually do is adopt almost all the rules and regs of the EU without the benefits of being in the EU.

And justify that by saying “WE decided, not Brussels”.



so let me get this straight… conservatives are butt hurt over this but it is ok for 45 to mock disabled people and women?


The case of the poisoned Brits is one worth getting upset about.

No balloons about them…



Briton is a country whose electorate voted their version to make their country great again with the BREXIT version of MAGA! The Brits want to be independent from the EU and keep their country sovereign. The city of London seems similar to America’s liberal cities like LA and NYC heavily populated but not representative of the country as a whole.

PM May is in hot water because she is not implementing BREXIT and she could have gained some points with the citizens if she had spoken against the moron London mayors approval of that balloon.

I can guarantee you that balloon is going to offend and peeve ALOT of American’s who can afford to travel who will cancel or change their European plans to visit London and tourism in Briton will take a serious hit.



That is utter nonsense,the Prime Minister would be even less popular if she rebuked anybody about the balloon flying.
Trump isn’t liked here at all,he is seen as a lying sleaze ridden moron and it isn’t just London it is countrywide,if he came to the North of England he would feel even less welcome.


Where is this Briton country you are talking about?


But Conan says he talked to hundreds of Brits and they love Trump, so what do you know - you only live there.


This is a disgrace to do this to a leader of the USA I live in the UK and I am ashamed of what my government is allowing this to go on not in my name


Not to worry. People who travel are mostly not trump supporters.