Trump Baby Balloon to Fly Over London


Haven’t caught Trump in a lie yet. But we have caught the looney left in buhzillions of lies. According to anon-y-mous sources anyway.


I’m sorry I left London before seeing Trumpbaby in diapers flying high ove the city.


You are missing the point. Kahn had nothing to say when the dictators from SA and Turkey visited his country. They actually stone gays, and women have no rights at all.

That’s one of the main points of the article. It’s hypocrisy and double standards.


You really mean that? You can’t think of an instance in which Trump lied?


It’s really hard to believe a non Poe would go with that.


Poe’s Law. More sound than Newton’s.


Boo hoo hoo.

I was just in London (actually SW 19) for a week and everyone - and I mean everyone - hates Trump with every fiber of their being. He is the worst of the worst and deserving of all the ridicule he will receive.

If Trumpsters can’t stand the heat they should get out of the kitchen instead of constantly whining about how everyone is so mean to them.


Morgan and Trump are pals. Also, Morgan’s is two hundred fifty pounds of dog ■■■■ shoved into a two hundred pound bag.


So what? Trump praises Erdogan and literally installed MBS as the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and still took the time to attack Khan in the immediate aftermath of a terrorist attack.


probably going to be ignored but what the heck

notice the less then 3 day time period


Kahn only approved a request to fly the balloon by the group that owns it. Guess nobody wanted to fly a balloon when the other leaders visited.


what double standard, was there any instance where he refused to let a blimp cartoon fly?


I’m not a Trumpster. Far from it actually. Would you rather live in Saudi Arabia, Turkey or America?


Well then, it’s on all of them.

So much hypocrisy from the left. They attack people like Mike Pence all the time, but have nothing to say about gays actually being put to death in some countries.

Anyway, they can do what they want, but they are huge hypocrites for not making a big deal out of dictators who actually jail and murder their opponents. visiting their country.


Its Trump who’s actually praising the dictators you know.


Utter nonsense. People care more about things closer to home. You do too.

Watch: Why do you care about Trump? Don’t you know a million people are killed and a quarter million women raped as a weapon of war every year in the Congo? Why do you care so much about what Trump does? How does he compare to the Congo? Hypocrite.

^ see how silly that sounds?


well if i can vote or politically affect the leadership of Saudi Arabia, Brunei, or Sudan point me to the way but i cant. Pence however affects things here and is responsible to the people who elected him. that is no hypocrisy


Neither, but I’d rather live in Canada, UK, any Scandinavia country, Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain (but only in Barca) Switzerland, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Bermuda. The list is practically endless.

The US is over as a decent place to live. We are practically like Russia now - second rate at best and being left behind at an alarming rate by other, more humane, nations.

It was so pleasant last week being in a country that doesn’t have Trump as their leader - even with the stupid Brexit and horrible Conservative govt.

Going to Toronto in October. Cannot wait to get away from the US again.


Of course people care about things close to home. i’m talking about when dictators ACTUALLY VISIT THEIR COUNTRY.

Big difference.


Well that’s a fair point.