Trump Baby Balloon to Fly Over London


He also said in a FoxNews interview (now conveniently gone missing from the Web…I knew I should have saved the link I had of it to prove it’s been deleted) that the way to truly make America great again would be to tank the economy…because that way the lazy union workers who only wanted all the benefits they’d gotten and didn’t want to work anymore would give them all up rather than be unemployed in a devastated economy.

Yes he actually said this.


And people wonder why I think he’s the absolute worst.

The challenge of our generation is going to be to building a global middle class, not bringing Americans down to Third World status.


A restaurant I used to go to in Brussels was owned by a former officer in the Turkish military. He once was having conversations with staff and customers in 5 languages simultaneously. It was amazing.


That’s the SOP for conservatives.


Yeah, it definitely makes me feel like a bum for only being fluent in one language and knowing a smattering of German and Spanish.


I was fluent in German and Greek. It wouldn’t take long to get back to that level if you dropped me in either country again for a few weeks.


All I proved is that your hair ignites at a lower temperature than mine. :sunglasses:


Hmmm. I guess they feed their people “fake news” too.



Looks like the Trump baby blimp will go on a world tour after the London flight.


That’s fantastic!!


I know right?


Sadly it won’t ever fly next to Mar a Lago…until he is out of office


Sneak did you know they did a petition to keep trump out of the uk and it drew 1,900,000 signees.

People there dispise our president.



Life is fair in the World Cup.



Fear mongering not required. Simply let Corbyn’s own actions and statements speak for themselves.

He’s a nut job.


Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real thing. I don’t like him either, but this is beyond stupid.

And Piers Morgan makes a very good point about the hypocrisy of Khan (London mayor) for not saying a thing when the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia visited, and later the dictator of Turkey. These are countries who torture gays and women, and jails people who dare to oppose them.

But no protests from Kahn when despicable dictators visited his country. A bit of consistency would be nice.


trump has set the tone. Did you expect people not to respond in kind?

Piers Morgan was the winner of celebrity apprentice in 2008 and a friend of trump’s. Why in the ■■■■ would I care what he has to say about this?


Trump never insulted his many voters…the ones who put him into awfice. Also…just as side note my understanding is that bb guns are still somewhat legal in jolly ol. Could have a ton of fun plinking away at a big ol balloon.


yeah, PC and civility are dead. Trump treats people like trash. hell, people are nicer to each other here.


do you consider lying to people insulting them?