Trump Baby Balloon to Fly Over London


That’s actually tame for a Breitbart comment.


Loving it. Hoping for a Belgium v England final.


Scarier still? There are Trumpists here who think it’s spot on.


I live in the southern most part of Northern Virginia. Its a weird dynamic of DC workers and local good ole boys. We owned a bar here for a couple of years and I’ve had to listen to more Trumpanzees prattle on about how he ■■■■■ gold than I’d care to remember.

I recall one particular idiot saying how Trump is the richest man in America and if we elect him how great the economy will be because he will do for America what he’s done for himself. When I pointed out that over 1000 Americans have more money, he claimed it was the media lying. I cut him off at that point and told him that if he actually believed that ■■■■■■■■, he was hammered drunk and I couldn’t legally serve him any more.


White boy talkin like that.



Not the first time a US president was insulted.


Trump is what poor people think rich people act like.


They don’t realize rich people abhor Trump. Poor people idolize him because he’s essentially what they want to be; a rich, obnoxious boor.


white boys, at least in the US, do use curse words. hell just listen to some of Trumpies speeches


Look at you boys… denigrating the poor.

Typical libs.


Sorry that it sucks being poor more now than ever, I suppose. I was pretty poor as an E3 in the Army. Now, not so much. A shame Trump wants to make their lives even harder while propping up rich ■■■■■■■■ like me.


Like you give a ■■■■.


He outright said that wages need to go down, that Americans make too much money to be competitive.


Ah yes Belgium. Where Germany and Britain go to settle their differences.


Girl I’m friends with grew up in Belgium and apparently the whole nation is totally out of control at the moment lol.


Nothing that interrupts their beer production, I hope.


I can believe it.

Europeans as a whole seem to go all “Philly Eagles Fans” when their team is in the World Cup.


Riiiiight I wish I had voted for Hillary instead /staggering sarcasm


I had a battalion in Belgium in 2006-7. I had to go there quarterly to conduct training and do inspections. I swear everyone in that country speaks at least 3 different languages.


I know right? This girl I know speaks Dutch, French, German, English and Arabic fluently. And she was an Emirates Air stew and a model before she got married and came here, to put that in perspective.