Trump Baby Balloon to Fly Over London


He has a better approval rating this Trump.



Croatia beat Russia on penalty kicks.


MAGA Muffins.


Yes British politics are known for their class.


so UK should respect him because he isn’t Hillary?


perfect world England vs Russia in the final Trump comes out wearing a Russia Jersey.


Wonder when Trump will tweet that its too bad Russia lost.


Apparently the major of London has no class, I’m thinking of a word it starts with “D”.


Have you ever been to England?


The fact that they’d attack a man with such tact and restraint as Trump is just appalling.


This has been the weirdest World Cup ever.


From the Breitbart comment section.

Should the government and people of the U.K. allow this vile insult to stand, all diplomatic relations with the U.K. should be severed; the U.K.'s ally status should be revoked; all military protection should be revoked. Sanctions are also in order for this enemy of the U.S.A. The once lion-hearted Brits have been Islamicized out of existence; treat them as the enemy they have become.


Scary thing us I imagine whoever wrote that actually believes it.


dah ■■■■…


No kidding. Overreact much?


If someone is being a “D” I don’t lower myself to their level and be a “D” back. Their behavior reflects on them, I’m in charge of my behavior.


Have you ever watched British Parliament?


Only there can “here here” be deliver with dirission.


Wow, person who wrote that comment has a screw loose


Probably shouldn’t have helped elect an Internet troll president.