Trump Baby Balloon to Fly Over London


Did you go protest in Washington when Erdogan was there?

Thought not.


I hear Justin Trudeau is an open borders guy who doesn’t care how many people illegally come to and stay in his country.

Just thought I’d mention that.


Britain’s government is falling apart atm over the Brexit deal, Boris Johnson and high ranking MP’s are resigning but the big news is a Trump ballon.

At least the outrage priorities are in place.


I didn’t protest when Obama was in office either, That’s not my thing. Definitely a think with the left though. And I bet lefties weren’t out protesting when Erdogan was there either.


Stop crying about it and leave. I am still waiting on Hollywood liberals to act on their word and leave.


Oops. You’re going off the rails again. Nobody is talking about Pence; nobody is talking about gays; nobody is talking about dictators. What we ARE talking about is a trump baby balloon. No one is required to fly any other type of balloon.


You don’t remember the incident when his body guards beat up some protesters?


The thing is people don’t vote for Corbyn, they vote for their local MP.


How is Trumpcare working out for you. It’s cheaper and covers more people.


I’m sure you hear many things.


yeah, that’s hypocrisy.

now, PC and civility are dead. Trump treats people like trash. hell, people are nicer to each other here.


I’m for open borders.


Whose bodyguards?


Of course you are. So is Justin Trudeau. Don’t you remember when he tweeted after Trump was elected that he’d welcome anyone?

So what are you waiting for?


Convenient that you can’t be held to the standards that you insist on holding others, methinks.


There were protests when he was here. Don’t you remember his goons attacking them? Those goons are now being prosecuted.

But, TBH, we have more than enough crap Trump does that we barely get even a few weeks break from protesting against him and his administration to start protesting Presidents of other countries.





My husband to retire. Less than two years away.


Yes, if there’s one thing Obama’s terms in office were notable for it’s the lack of conservative protests.