Trump and Puty Sitting in Helsinki - Dictator Summit Extravaganza


My local AM just dropped his radio show after picking up the syndication for a few months. Actual reason given: He’s boring and dumb.


I’m on my 3rd. Just moved houses and no having to get up for work tomorrow. Today was a terrible day to be an American. I did over 20 years in the Army and I’m wondering why for the first time. I honestly pity those still serving this nation in any capacity. Your president just sold you out. ■■■■ Trump.


You set the computer up before the bedroom, didn’t you?


Today he did not say
“I think it was Russia”
In fact, he said the opposite.


Indeed. Take note of any media parrots who blindly repeat that bull.


Wow. Amazing.


I’m on my phone. Internet gets hooked up tomorrow.


“Peace through strength” that was Hannity’s opening statement tonight, no joke.


More like this:



I wasn’t aware he did anything apart from F&F.


I’ll raise my glass to your service and your sentiments, sir. Enjoying a Belgian-style Tripel tonight myself, but sadly I do have to get up for work in the morning.


He is in way over his head the man looks lost


One should always set up the computer before the bedroom.




Something told me buy some Duval tonight. Slumming it with Leffe and shots of Fireball. I had a battalion in Belgium :slight_smile:


Belgium is on my travel bucket list, I think we’ve discussed that before. I will make passionate love to a chalice of Chimay in Brussels before I die, oh yes. :wink:


Good because if you’re drinking because of Trump, you want to be using rotgut and not your good stuff…


Ya that was weird, like they all got together to plan how they will deal with the press conference


They DID get together and plan it.


honestly…lots of Trumps responses and rhetoric sound like it’s coming right from Hannity. There’s a serious influence there, and his response to the big question at the press conference almost sounded as if Hannity dictated the answer to him…