Trump and Puty Sitting in Helsinki - Dictator Summit Extravaganza

Welp, it’s time again for Trumpy to sit down with another dicatator. Might as well create a catch-all thread for discussing it.

And we will start with this tantalizing tidbit:

Oh. This is going to go swimmingly.

Is Trump a dictator? Is that why everybody is afraid to say anything negative about him?

While I had intended it to be read as “another dictator as he did with Kim Jong Un,” yeah sure. I mean, not yet though he clearly he wants to.

Nah Trump is a chump people talk crap about him all the time.

Putin however is a dictator…and I don’t know about everyone, but at least Trump seems to be afraid to say anything negative about him.

“If he says great things about me, I’m going to say great things about him." - Donald, September 2016

Donald’s eleventy dimensional Russia diplomacy, reduced to a single sentence.

il Kim must feel left out!

So the Justice Department just indicted a bunch of Russian military personel for interfering in our elections… and Trump is still going to meet with the guy who ordered it and have nice warm handshakes and pose for pictures?

The Russians definitely have Trump in their pocket. I’m not sure if there is a pee tape, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump has been laundering dirty Russian money.

Hopefully Trump will get a “meets or exceeds expectations” on his performance review. If he doesn’t, there’s no telling what will happen next

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Na Zdorovie :tumbler_glass:

I said this in another thread, when Trump was bashing Germany over the pipeline, it almost sounded like Trump was mad he didn’t get a chance to invest in the pipeline.

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and expected

:laughing: :rofl:

By the way… for all you “NATO-is-so-important” people…

Heksinki is in Finland. Finland is a European country. Finland has chosen to not be a NATO member. But - and this will absolutely amaze and confuse most libs that participated in the recent thread about NATO (click) - Finland still has defense agreements with other European countries and with NATO itself. So… there is o need for the US to be a NATO member. The entire US defense plan won’t fall apart.

So the basket of narrative spouting babbling fools was overflowing with every brand of lib when that thread was active.

Historical meeting in Helsinki and the left is freakng out. Delightful! :sunglasses:
Anyone wonder that phony Mueller indict 12 Russians exactly now, as they could have done this anytime during their fake investigation? :roll_eyes:
Anyone really takes for serious that there are 12 hackers required to hack a server? :rofl:

Yeah…isn’t it just wild how all of this happened at the same time? What a freakin coincidence!

Still continuing to misrepresent how that conversation went down, I see.

How is it an historical meeting?

BTW, you didn’t turn off the wiki on this post either.

well, if you would have any understanding of history, you wouldnt ask stupid questions like that. I wont waste my time to explain you because you anyway wouldnt understand due to your lack of education, which is characteristic for the left generally

I think the orange button is staying up sometimes, even after the wiki is closed and the post is uneditable. It happened to me once this morning, but hasn’t been a consistent thing while i have edited my posts today.