Trump administration's legacy should be its cruelty to children

If they are refugees why don’t they stop in Mexico or one of the other countries they travel through?

Because Trump is closing port of entry to stop them from coming in so they are bypassing them.

Because they don’t have to.

now if America and Mexico had a safe third party agreement, Mexico would be required to take in all refugee claims and America would be required to take in none.

again i’m not talking about people traveling illegal from Mexico into America to work.
I’m talking about people traveling from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala which are the ones walking 1,000 + miles to the U.S border.

Now you are just making stuff up. First they have to be a forced refugee
A refugee , generally speaking, is a displaced person who has been forced to cross national boundaries and who cannot return home safely

Forced displacement or forced immigration is the coerced movement of a person or people away from their home or home region and it often connotes violent coercion.

Now show where they were forced to leave their country.?

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Sure you are you have made no differential. But let say that is true. How do you differentiate between them. They both will claim they are refugees.

You have them make their case before a judge.

Then it should be a very short legal hearing.

How are you going to do that if like you said you have to let them roam free?

Money that would go toward building the wall would be better used in treating humans with dignity. Stop labeling people as “THEM!” to justify treating poorly. Mobilize churches to help with the humanitarian crisis. I know this would cause problems for some people but it could be sold to President Trump as playing to his base.

Just spitballin’ and armchair quarterbacking.


And yet it is happening. By the way, it is a misdemeanor to enter the country illegally.

Libs yelled so loud when Obama built those cages for…children…amirite? Go away.

I answered already. Federal law enforcement. Now, do you truly believe federal law enforcement is abusing children?

It’s not mine, but yes.


Is it? Strange.

How much have you donated to feed illegals?

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“These children” (gawd do gooder hand wringers just love that catch phrase), yes as you pointed out are “in the care” of the US government but not by any administrative or logistical planning.
Newsflash citizen, the facilities are overwhelmed beyond capability. Supply depots are exhausted so shortages will occur.
Want to help “the children”? Whip out your Visa card and go to the Walmart and buy cases of soap & toothpaste and donate instead of condemning and criticizing.
US military personnel go without basics all the time, where’s the outrage?

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I wish I could say that I am stunned by the resistance to having the administration be held accountable for their failure here… but I am not.


The failure comes from decades of politicians not enforcing our laws. Then these same politicians allow illegals to begin receiving government assistance in the form of food stamps, government housing and educating their children…all free of charge. This gets told to those back home and the problem continues to exacerbate. Those that would now lay this decades old problem at the feet of Trump, should look in the mirror because they are complicit…PERIOD.

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