Trump administration's legacy should be its cruelty to children

The buck stops way over there somewhere.


So every border crosser is a refugee?

Yep. Just take them at their word and let them all in.

this is the more proof that the pro birth people dont care about kids after they are born

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as far as im concerned every ICE officer should be considered a war criminal if the are at all involved i this

What “we” should do, is skip the sanctuary cities and bus them all to Canada. :sunglasses:

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Low level prison guards? Absolutely.


And in other news: “Homeowners are mean to burglers.”


Prison guards?

What did asylum seekers steal?

I guess that nagging question has finally been answered. It won’t be received well though.

1: How many were asylum seekers…actually, not claimed.

2: asylum seekers don’t cross multiple friendly countries to claim asylum.

Show em the door.


I didn’t say it was, did I? I specifically referenced those who knew that they were not justified in seeking amnesty, as opposed to those who might be justified in seeking amnesty. In other words, frauds.

Well let me help you out here! :roll_eyes: When dishonest liberals start touting concern for children you can’t get around their blood lust for the unborn that has morphed into blood lust of the new born! Do you honestly expect to be taken seriously?

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Well I was off by quite a factor.

Huh. Interesting.

There are, however, people who are in the country illegally. There are people who claim to be refugees but know they have no legitimate right to claim that status…i.e. frauds.

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They are called immigration detention centers and many of the 200 or so are run by private companies and run like prisons. Some are filled with actual illegals who have been hiding from deportation and I have less sympathy for them, though I would still insist on humanitarian conditions and ■■■■■■■ toothpaste etc. But the families fleeing the northern triangle even more so, as they are genuinely trying to get refugee status and laws are very clear on that.