Trump 2024 VP Pick?

Scott was impressive with Trump town hall

first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy….


here’s a few minutes of town hall with Scott. Youtube warning.

second :upside_down_face:

:rofl: Missing the point.


Carson has been a loyal disciple, plus he has zero backbone when it comes to Trump so it would not surprise me if Carson is selected.

Trump certainly does not want an alpha male like Vivek.

Though I am sure the thought of getting DeSantis in place as his VP for 4 years of heaping embarrassment on him is attractive to Trump. DeSantis has shown himself to be a complete and utter wimp when it comes to going up against Trump. And Trump loves that.

What a stupid, stupid post.

Still can’t define woman?

I don’t think that wimp is the right word


None of those words are right.

Yepp. By law the VEEP has to be able to become the president. He or she is first in line for succession.

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Even if he chose a woman he wouldn’t advance his standing with women voters. Plus his personality and unrefined behaviour would only atract a ’ Ladder-climbing’ or ‘gold-digger’ type.
He’d be missunderstood by women voters.
Tim Scott would be a solid good pick.
Not a stranger, or someone unknown…no.
Noone controversial.

Well said. Me too, my best choice.

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I like Ben Carson but no…
He is too slow, too quiet, too much of a gentleman to fight and would have the packs of hyenas push him around.


I dissagree.
De Santis would be great if he’d take the offer.
They would be my first choice.
The only thing is if there were too many barbs thrown between the two so that they couldn’t get over that.
And if De Santis accepts that he is NEW at this game and needs to learn from Trump.
But two of them would be a great dynamic pair.

DeSantis would be my 1st choice. Doubt that Trump would offer or that DeSantis would accept.

I think DeSantis wants to run in 28 and isn’t interested in VP.

Scott would be a solid pick.

I would disagree with most of Laura Ingraham’s list the other night.

As someone said she presented names that came from the Establishment GOP leaning Fox management probably.

If we still wanted the establishment GOP folks Jeb would have won in 16, :roll_eyes:


Nah I think Desantis had his shot. In 4 years there will be another man of the moment that overshadows Desantis.

I think it will likely be Kristi Noem or DeSantis although I wish it was Vivek.

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this is what makes politics fun right?

Seems to me the fact both of them are from FL would make Desantis impossible because, um, reasons (like the Constitution).

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I keep forgetting that but your right.

A republican president picking a democrat vp. Last time i knew that happening was lincoln.

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