Trump 2024 VP Pick?

I saw last week where some were making a case for Trump to pick Tucker Carlson as his VP. Then on Saturday night Trump showed up to Madison Square Gardens (UFC 295 Fight) flanked by Tucker Carlson and Kid Rock. I would not be surprised if he picks Tucker. Tucker had the no 1 show on Fox and a lot of people like him. We are in for some interesting times ahead.

Who do you think he he will pick?

What does a VP even do besides money schemes? :thinking:


Not really a qualification.

Going by the idiot who is VP right now. Nothing.

Unless you count cackling.


I am still hoping Marsha Blackburn gets the nod.

I know she won’t help deliver a swing state.

What she does bring is DC experience and she is smart and tough, just like Trump.


It will be another mummy-like person, similar to Pence. A bobblehead. Maybe Tim Scott.

Not sure what Carlson would bring to the ticket. The voters he would appeal to are already going to vote for Trump.

We have seen this a lot from Trump, focus on one person only to go in a different direction. He knows how to control the narrative.

I do think Nikki Hayley would be a solid choice but Trump needs someone he can control. Not sure Haley is in the Mike Pence mold and Carlson definitely is not.

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A Trump/Carlson ticket would be an incredible final form for the GOP


and the crowd went wild…

I don’t think Tucker would be the right pick. He has never held office. Trump should pick a governor. They have practical experience. I’m not sure who… I thought Desantis would try to be his VP pick, but he went into the Bush’s…

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Kid Rock, please.


He went into the Bush’s what ?

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harris what the hell


racist bullhorn

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Right, he doesn’t want a knowledgeable person, he wants a yes man/woman. I do think it could be Tim Scott.

Then we should mark it down as definitely not Tim Scott.


I don’t think that Trump would pick any of the candidates. Not after they went after him at the last debate.

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tim scott?

When the media and the media presidency become one.

He had just as much of a chance as Tucker.

The smart pick is Vivek, but Trump isn’t very smart

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