!Transgender Rights!


i couldnt agree more.

except they are not really “liberals” they just hijacked that term from something meaningful. they are mere “leftists”.


Combat stress is a reasonable response to combat.

But restructuring a society to accommodate perverts or crazy people is, well, crazy.


I’ve always wondered about conservative obsession with the LGBT community.


Except their not crazy.


Their mindset is always to punch down. Pound the people who don’t have power.

It’s about the cruelty.


Or perverts.


If you don’t know what your gender is by agreeing with the simple facts at hand, obviously discounting such extremely rare instances of physical deformities or some boy being raised as a girl after a circumcision accident, then you are crazy.


Who decides?


Why do we pander to the freaks?


What would be done to the brain to alleviate gender disphoria? What would be the desired outcome?


I have np with transgender people in general it’s been around forever. I am curious as to why they were put on the pedestal by the left. From what I have read the majority wasn’t asking for the attention.


I immediately dismiss breitfarter articles


That’s harsh.


YOU don’t pander to anyone. WE’RE going to make sure you can’t punch them. Metaphorically, of course.


So you think LGBTQ does not have power? Interesting.


Socialists Nazi’s


I always thought that I was a rich trillionaire, therefore through liberal logic, I should be given that money right?

hahahahaha. lol.


This is the future brought to you by the left.


Nothing to see here all is fair, the party for women are letting men that wear a dress crush the girls in sports.


The absurdity is showing up alot on sports.
How do libs reconcile this?

Here, some guy named Mack Beggs abus… I mean … pins a woman in a wrestling match. In the past - before Mack decided he felt like a woman- this would have been a criminal offense off the court.


We reconcile it by pointing out you don’t know what you are talking about.

Mack Beggs was a woman who is transitioning to a man who wants to wrestle other men but the law won’t let him.

Do your research, son.