!Transgender Rights!


there are many kinds of bias in science. confirmation bias. procedural. measurement. even in how you post results.


Why are you doing these things?


i most definitely will teach my kids this. and i will present the facts. it isnt prejudice. just science.

one simply cannot just go and decide that they are a different sex than what they are. and we shouldn’t be encouraging that like they increasingly are in grade school nor should we be changing our culture to confirm. it’s a form of child abuse. but thats leftism for ya.

bruce jenner is a man. born a man. science supports that. it does not support his being a woman. the end

sorry if that triggers you


You’re literally just telling me that you’re incapable of presenting just the facts…


because i am < double checks > a human being


I’ve only had one employee inject bias into his work. He was fired.


Except they can.


its not quite that serious for my work unless results are intentionally falsified etc

it can influence data though and complicate the research. helps to discuss ideas with team members


i guess they can

but they will be wrong and confused. and probably unhappy. almost 50 50 chance they will commit suicide. and not the hillary clinton kind either.


where, exactly did i literally tell you that?


Human. Bias.


where in that does it “literally” say i am incapable of being factual?


You said you inject bias into your scientific work all the time


Derka derka


They may not be crazy but they are disturbed. They need good psychiatrists, not operations.


The Liberal party in general is sick.

That’s why they call Liberalism a mental disorder.


There is treatment for congenital brain disorders.


Right, medication or surgery.

Like hormone treatment or gender re-assignment surgery, for example.

There isn’t really any other treatment for gender dysphoria. Maybe there will be eventually, but we’re probably a very long way off that point.

The idea that they can ignore it or pray it away is both stupid and harmful.


Um… well, the left seems totally on board with surgery for such people. Problem is, they completely ignore the need for surgery on the organ that is causing the dysphoria, the brain.


Afaik there is no known brain surgery to alleviate gender dysphoria symptoms.

We’re starting to better understand and diagnose the condition via brain scans, but curative brain surgery is probably decades away if not longer. Assuming it can be done via that method.