!Transgender Rights!


a law that allows perverts to gain access to the ladies room etc because they can claim they are feeling “feminine” that day

There is no such law.


common sense says we shouldnt make that easier

And that’s not happening.


Because physiological differences in the brain aren’t biology?

You think the only thing that differentiates males and females is their reproductive organs?


no. the chromosomes and sex cells in their body


So, by trans man, I assume you mean a woman. So yes, of course she should. She is a woman.


Oh stop.

“…unitl someone’s little girl is raped…”

How about this one…“The easy access to guns is all well and good until someone’s little girl is murdered with one”.

Did you give a ■■■■ and demand some kind of change after Sandy Hook. Bunch of little girls and boys were murdered. I didn’t hear you insisting on anything.

Now, you make up some talk radio crazy scenario where perverts are pretending to be transgender so as to rape kids in public bathrooms - honestly - what the ■■■■ kind of plan is that? Why would you want to assault people in a PUBLIC place? Makes no ■■■■■■■ sense.


You know what else is part of the body? The brain.


How about endocrinology - do hormones play a role?

Outside of biology, how about socialization - are boys and girls given cues (both direct and indirect) on how to behave in their gender roles by the community?


Is brain physiology hard-coded to the combination of X/Y chromosomes?


it’s not crazy. perverts sneak jnto ladies rooms to do unthinkable things

if you dont like that fact compare it to another heinous gun crime.


lots of things are hard wired to which gender someone is but those are phenotypical traits.

the chromosomes determine gender

not how one feels, thinks, dresses, reassigns with surgery, etc


and hair, pelvis, muscles…


Chromosomes don’t even deterministically assign sex. You conveniently wave off those inconsistencies while denying the possibility of others.


they do by and large

i am not talking about the minority of chromosomal anomalies.

i am talking about the guy who for mentally ill reasons thinks hes a woman. like Jenner


And those scenarios are conveniently not physiologically driven by some other factor like hormones or some gene expression? :roll_eyes:


And how would giving transgenders effect the fact that perverts do things all the time?

What does one have to do with teh other?


Wow. Calling transgenders mentally ill…this forum sinks to new lows every day.


All the pervert/rapist etc has to do is pretend to identify with the female gender. Then viola, legal access to the ladies room. This is not the transgender person, or someone with opposite gender secondary sex characteristics. this is the ■■■■■■■ who wants to take pics of little girls peeing over the stall wall.

It really doesn’t have anything to do with the mental illness of transgenderism, other than the loony laws that leftists want to make themselves feel better about allowing anyone to use any bathroom they want.


Now don’t get triggered. That wasn’t meant as pejorative.

It is my belief that it is a mental illness and should be treated as such, for the benefit of the patient.

Maybe the transgender suicide rate wouldn’t be so high.

Sinking low would be bringing up the massacre of little kids as though that is somehow relevant in the discussion. In that respect, yes, the forum does hit new lows.


Sorry but nope.