!Transgender Rights!


Excellent job Michael. When we show evidence, he dismisses the evidence and starts attacking. Clearly he does not believe in science or potential for some in the population to be structured differently than the so-called norm.

8th grade science or whenever they teach you, NEVER said there are only two sexes or two genders. They do teach you in general terms: boys have penises, girls have vaginas, people have 10 fingers and 10 toes, and 2 arms/legs. But they never said these are the ONLY options, at least the schooling I had.

It also should be noted that K-12 teaches GENERAL information. If you took biology or neuroscience, perhaps they would go into more details about the exceptions.


Come on man, you’re being ridiculous.

None of our professional medical and psychological societies call transgederism a mental illness. None of them.

No person is going to come out to their family, friends, take hormones, or forge a cat scan, just so they can prey on little girls in a bathroom.

What do you mean by “legal access”? There’s no law where men have to use the men’s room or women have to use the women’s room. We don’t see single Dads getting arrested or fined for taking their daughter into the men’s room or women’s room. We don’t see pregnant women or people with IBS getting arrested/fined for using the “wrong bathroom”.

Voyeurism is a crime. You should be punished for it. Releasing your waste into toilets or washing your hands is not.

People with alternative brain structures, should never be forced to use bathrooms or locker rooms or change rooms, they are uncomfortable in.

I am unclear about these “loony laws” by “leftists” you’re referring to. We are seeing states - I believe there about 18 of them – which added civil rights protections based on sexual orientation and gender. These protections are designed to prevent discrimination in the work place and obtaining public goods and services. It’s the “loony right” which made it all about bathrooms and used these as an excuse to treat the LGBTQ citizens as unequal Americans.

You guys on the “loony right” seem to obsessed with about 0.6% of adult Americans and less than 1 million students.

Why the fuss over less than 1% of Americans?


thanks! glad you are seeing the insanity of such laws were they to be on the books


i love this “alternative brain structures” as the determination of gender now vs chromosomes and genitals.

the “loony right” is obsessed with it because they dont want perverts getting legal access to the ladies room. call us old fashioned


So you finally admit that there are no such laws.


So you don’t understand that brain structures are determined by chromosomes. Got it.


It’s called science, and the things we discover every day are fascinating.


Science has a well known liberal bias.


The reason transgender suicide rates are so high is because society is filled with people like you who hold the idiotic view that they suffer from mental illness, or are otherwise not whole, real, people.

You should leave your beliefs out of it when dealing with issues like this.


Hey genius, what is stopping TODAY a pervert from dressing as a woman to go loiter in the ladies room?


if you wanted me to admit that all you had to do was say so. but there were. and people want them

hence, my position of sanity


he would likely be discovered and chased out

it doesnt take a genius to realize that


sorry. you have no data to support that.

talk about “beliefs”


no thats called leftist tansgenderism agenda

please learn to tell the difference

for the sake of those who need mental health support.


You shouldn’t talk about things you know nothing of.


I hate hate. I also don’t want the beliefs of others being shoved down the throats of innocent children. There’s a movement going on to indoctrinate children into a belief system that I disagree with. I also believe that it isn’t a subject that should be discussed with children below the age of 16 and without the parents’ consent. My gosh people…children can’t even do basic math calculations and there’s a movement to teach them about sexual orientation. What the hell is going on in our public schools?


There weren’t and nobody wants them.


i only go by the data and what we learned in 8th grade science.

well, what i learned, anyway


:slight_smile: Did you type this with a straight face?

Science has no political affiliation. If you’re interested, I can provide you with interesting literature

Everyone would benefit from mental health support.


You think science stops at the 8th grade? No wonder your posts are so ignorant.