Trade War Drags Down Economy; Q2 GDP Only 2%

Let’s hope your right as of now there are quiet a few first world countries doing it. Here is a few

Five central banks have interest rates set below zero:

Japan: -0.10%
Sweden: -0.30%
European Central Bank: -0.40%
Denmark: -0.70%
Switzerland: -0.80%

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That’s it?

So how would you handle China?

Gee if only there was a an economic partnership with allies in the pacific region already in the works by the time Trump went into office…

Whatever happened to it?

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You think asian countries are going to side with the US against China?

Trump’s allies are Russia and NK, so that wouldn’t work.

Thanks to Trump, I guess we’ll never know now, eh?

We’re not at war with China…so they don’t need to be handled. We could of course try to do things to make the trade relationship more beneficial, but making it worse as if we benefit from hurting them is a ridiculously stupid strategy.

They are at war with the US, though.

Are you talking about the TPP? Even Hillary was going to torpedo that one is was so politically toxic.

It will be interesting if any other democrat candidate not named Biden wins the presidency and inflicts maximum pressure on China the same if not more than the current president on trade, will the democrats be singing the same tune as the do with Trump on China? The only two serious democrat candidates that I have seen that doesn’t want to drop the hammer on China is Biden and Harris. Warren and Sanders are very upfront that they are economic patriots or as Trump would say “America First” and would have np putting tariffs as well as new trade negotiations with China over trade.

We might as well. It’s not like our money is really worth anything anymore. We’ve gone from trading commodities to trading debt.


Only in the minds of people who think economics is a zero sum game. Other nations prospering does not hurt the US.

Which specific policy proposals from Warren/Sanders (and not pundits) are you referring to?

Ok, how?

If it’s at the US’ expense?

The impeachment “inquiry” is another factor dragging the market.

One of the main concerns from investors is that impeachment proceedings will undermine trade negotiations, especially with China. Last week Washington policy analysts warned clients that an impeachment inquiry is likely to waylay the U.S. from passing the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or USMCA, or from coming to a resolution with Beijing.

Thanks libs

It’s not my job to create trade policy… but doing nothing is better than making things worse.

It’s at our expense only to the extent that businesses and consumers choose to buy from China.

Libs made Trump commit impeachable offences?

Is it your job to criticize trade policy without giving a thought to an alternative?

You don’t know that he did, remember? Hence “inquiry”.