Trade War Drags Down Economy; Q2 GDP Only 2%

Maybe we should impeach Trump for his stupid trade war?

The U.S. economy grew more slowly in the second quarter, updated figures confirm, and is slow growth is expected to persist through the end of the year largely because of the festering trade fight with China.

The biggest drag on growth is the ongoing trade fight with China. Unless that’s revolved soon, the U.S. economy is likely to remain constrained. The dispute has sapped exports, manufacturing, farming and business investment.

At least we are reducing the deficit…


And another quarter goes by that doesn’t pay for the tax bill.

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Yep, we are doing that.


I’m beginning to think it will never pay for itself. If only there were legions of econmists, finance gurus, accountants, think tanks and experienced policies analyzers that would have warned of this beforehand


Is everyone tired of all the winning yet?

Trump train smash!

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Maybe I should write another book about trickle down economics. You never know, there might be some Republicans who haven’t heard about it yet.


Just make sure to use lots of pictures, small simple sentences.

I shall title it, “Trump Is My All Time Favorite Guy Because”

Too long. “Trump is favorite”

Bingo! Thanks and have a great weekend!!

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Meh - Only losers like Obama have sub 3% quarterly GDP growth.

You know what will help?

The ERS memo showed that reports and pages on county-level oil and gas production; high-demand commodities like corn, cotton and soybeans; as well as the food stamp policy database and food pricing will all be delayed or discontinued.
Other early-stage reports that may not be released include research on honeybees, how food stamps impact rural economies, the drivers of the opioid epidemic and health insurance coverage in farming households.

Well this isn’t good:

What is the evidence backing the claim that it is only the tariff war with China that is creating a downturn in the economy? Are you of the view that there are no other contributing factors. You may be pushing the economic equivalent of the human generated global warming scam… putting all the blame on one corelative factor as if it is supremely causative.

Why blame a trade war which by its very nature causes a reduction in economic activity for a slowing economy? When a policy leads there to being less buying and selling due to price hikes, broken relationships and other restrictions, a causal relationship is established.

The scam is republicans backing policies that go against everything they used to stand for.

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So Federal Reserve action/inaction has no effect on the economy?

The Fed isn’t doing anything it wouldn’t normally do. It’s just Trump’s current scapegoat.

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Correct. It’s always working to further the globalist cause. And now that there isn’t a pro-globalist president in office that means suppressing the economy to make the antiglobalist president look incompetent.