Trade War Drags Down Economy; Q2 GDP Only 2%

Imagínated booygeyman around every corner. This assertion doesn’t pass the smell test because interest rates are still low.

2%? In the middle of a trade war with the world’s 2nd largest economy, a flood of illegals and an impeachment “inquiry”? That’s pretty impressive.

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At all time lows relative to almost any point in history, with a “record economy”, and people blame the fed like good little water carriers. :laughing:

Well this is not great news either. More recession indicators.

U.S. Slowdown Spurs Concern Economy Is Near Stalling

It is.

And who gets credit for those three contributing factors? They are all Democrat generated. The trade war to undo the previous administrations failure to organise fair trade with China. Borders overrun by Democrat encouragement and abetting of the same. And Democrats angling for impeachment and looking for a scandal to hang it on.

Do we get to celebrate 26,000 again! We’re back to 26,078.


November 2020 - one of those rare occasions in which the sequel will be more entertaining than the original. :rofl:


Warren and Sanders preach about the horrible practices that China has with trade with America. It is the one area they agree with Trump, and many on wall street are predicting that Warren will be tougher on trade with China than Trump is.

The two I speak of are both in the top three democratic candidates and betting odds are showing Warren as the nominee. Will the same disdain from the left be screamed out when Warren unleashes economic patriotism across the world? She is just doing it from a left wing platform but it is still a trade protectionist policy.

Interest rates are very low. They really can’t go much lower. Not sure what you expect the Fed to do.

Negative rates are coming it’s already in parts of western europe and Japan.

From investopedia:

Negative interest rates can be considered a last-ditch effort to boost economic growth. Basically, it’s put into place when all else (every other type of traditional policy) has proved ineffective and may have failed.

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Wow. Just… wow.

So: Trump’s hand-picked Fed chairman is taking steps to deliberately suppress the economy to make the President look incompetent? Why bother? He could just link to Trump’s tweets.


We won’t see negative rates here. It will never happen.

Can’t fix crazy.

The president is incompetent because he doesn’t understand basic economics. He inherited a growing economy and is beginning to ruin it with foolish policies.

You betcha! We should always celebrate the Good Lord’s blessings.


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Such as?

The trade war with China. It’s such a clear unforced error. He’s been bad when it comes to trade policy in general, but the China stuff is just dumb.

Being a person who bankrupted casinos doesn’t give him literacy in regards to global economics. Global economics is not a zero sum game…trade deficits don’t matter. To the extent that trade makes both countries more productive, everyone benefits. His trade policy is directly reducing economic productivity.

And he is trying to win a war with a country who really could give a ■■■■ about the general welfare of its citizens or the domestic political impacts of economic policies. How stupid can you be?

If this is a war of attrition, China has an endless supply.