Trade War Drags Down Economy; Q2 GDP Only 2%

Doing nothing is an alternative to making things worse.

What Trump and co already admitted to is impeachable.


Why would trump appoint a loser like this?

So you advocate benign neglect? It is an option. All bleeding stops - eventually.

Anything is impeachable when the opposition holds the House. Doesn’t change the fact that the libs are dragging the economy.

According to the Dems, whatever enough representatives and senators are willing to vote for as impeachable, is impeachable. There is no objective standard of “high crimes and misdemeanors” to direct their judgment on whether they can impeach.

Not Senators.

Now that I think about it, it is all starting to make sense. We know how critical the economy is to reelection. The impeachment “inquiry” is dragging the economy and slowing a deal with China. The next round of talks is in a few days and the libs announce this now…

Probably a coincidence. Surely they wouldn’t use the economy for the will to power…

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2nd quarter results are from APR-JUN, how does an impeachment inquiry which was announced last week impact the 2nd quarter which ended 3 months ago?

And if someone says, we’ll it’s the investigations that are the culprit one only needs to look at the 5-years of investigation into Clinton to show strong GDP even during an “investigation”.


Isn’t the market primarily emotion? Are we sure that a drag on the market is a drag on the economy?

The impeachment “inquiry” has been going on since January 21, 2017. Are you forgetting the Collusion Delusion? This is just the latest escalation. If I remember correctly, Trump announced the next round of China talks and a few days later, Pelosi announces the “Inquiry”.

Like I said, probably a coincidence.

When was the Ukraine call made? July wasn’t it?

The Mueller Report was published in… April? Figure two months of arguing. So a 90 day tactical turn around. Well done.

I hope so as well, but I am highly confident. I don’t believe our economy will ever bottom out to the point (even through recession) that negative interest rates would be needed to offset the decreases in spending. We are too robust of a consumption-driven economy at this point.

I believe so. I’m not, MSNBC is. Not the sole cause of course.

One of the main concerns from investors is that impeachment proceedings will undermine trade negotiations, especially with China. Last week Washington policy analysts warned clients that an impeachment inquiry is likely to waylay the U.S. from passing the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or USMCA, or from coming to a resolution with Beijing.


If the medicine gives your a worse prognosis than just letting your immune system fight, then you shouldn’t take the medicine. It’s a common sense and practical position. That doesn’t mean that I’m anti-medicine.

I could have sworn new NAFTA was signed. :thinking:

That’s strange because that’s been trumpeted for a bit now.

But anyway the chinese talks have been going on for quite some time. They have been on again and off again throughout the near. This includes times between April and the inquiry. So this may very well be a coincidence. But of course it could have went into democrats “strategery”

Are we talking about Bill Clinton’s impeachment or Trump?

Alarm bells were ringing about bad effects from Trump’s trade policy way before impeachment was announced.

Oh lordy.

“We got a live one here!”

The problem is the immune system gave up long ago.

Well, impeachment hasn’t been announced still, so there’s that.

Yes, there’s no doubt the trade war is having an effect. Are the libs using “inquiry” to exacerbate and prolong that impact?

Likely not. But I do remember conservatives lying about the economy back in 2016 and pretending the BLS numbers were faked in order to influence an election. I don’t recall you complaining about that.