Toxic masculinity and white privilige. What to do?


Widen your circle.


No thanks. Not worth the time.


Didn’t think so.


Yes. The ignorant rubes from Rural America should all have more empathy!


I agree with kinder. I don’t know about more “inclusive”.


White privilege and toxic masculinity should both be ignored and laughed at. Neither are anything other that the practitioners of identity politics trying to find ways to cram you into one of their stupid boxes.

Your question…what do I do with these things?

Nothing. I m a 59 year old white guy who’s built my life from the ground up. I m proud of who i am and what I ve done and I m not going to let some kookfringe but on the left tell me otherwise.


I wouldn’t say that. Frankly, I’m surprised that’s how you feel. We should all try to be more empathetic. Be thankful for what you have, and realize that you have it better off than so many other people.


Empathy is a wonderful thing. I m all for it.

The poster to whom I was responding wrote the words ignorant rubes from Rural America on the old board as a way of bashing millions of Trump voters in one shot.

I great with empathy…but don’t write one of the most bigoted things I ve ever read and then sit here on some high horse and lecture me about empathy. Sorry that dog don’t hunt.


I have no idea about the context. Did he say that all trump voters were ignorant rubes from rural America, or did he say that ignorant rives from rural America voted for trump? Only one of those statements is factual.





I couldn’t disagree with that more than I do.

Here’s the context in which one can interpret “Ignorant Rubes from Rural America” as Trump voters from someone who routinely lectures on this forum about personal conduct and attitudes and empathy. As the son of a potato farmer who used his considerable intellect making things work and making things grow I take significant offense to the ridiculous idea that rural America is filled with ignorant rubes. Beyond that…All one has to do is read this forum on a daily basis to get a healthy dose of the left wing narrative that conservatives are stupid racists who need Rush Limbaugh and Donald Trump to tell them what to do and how to do it on a daily basis. None of that is true, it’s just the narrative, labeling Trump voters as “Ignorant Rubes”, yammering on about toxic masculinity and white privilege is nothing more than a way to shove people into a box…to fit the narrative.

I’m pretty sure that’s why so many really good really smart conservatives are no longer involved in this forum, after a while one grows tired of being falsely labeled by a group of people desperately clinging to their narrative…I know I have. I look at the forum when I’m waiting to get on a plane or sitting in a restaurant by myself, but that’s about it.

I thought you deserved the courtesy of a response so I wrote one, but I’m sure we’ll have to agree to disagree…I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and and prepping to spend my day with my beautiful horses and fiddling around with my little 6 acre slice of north Texas Heaven.

Have a nice day.




You too. I wish you a very happy thanksgiving.


The shooting was right outside of L.A. and most of the people at the bar were young. There were probably quite a few liberals there.


From cracked.

Let’s say you scratched and you clawed and climbed the ladder of success. You never took a welfare check or charity, you worked three jobs to get through college. And at the end of it you look back on your labors and feel justified in saying, “I never got help from anybody.”

So … you were never a child? From birth, you were hunting and gathering your own food? You never had a mother to “hand” you milk?

You’re completely self-educated? At age 4, you sought out your own knowledge, and paid teachers out of your own pocket?

I don’t think you did. I’d have seen something about it on the news.

I think your parents poured untold resources into your hungry mouth. I think you had a roof over your head that was paid for by other people, I think you went to schools that were built and staffed and paid for by other people, I think you felt safe because the streets were patrolled by other people, I think you drove to your three jobs on roads paved by other people, in a car built by other people and burning oil that was drilled by other people in a nation whose borders were defended by other people.

Look, I understand why “I ain’t asking for help from nobody!” individualism works as an attitude, or a philosophy. No, you shouldn’t wait for help to come along. I’ll even agree that we don’t impress that message hard enough on kids when they’re growing up. Kids, if you’re reading this, and you ■■■■■■■ shouldn’t be, but if you are, let me tell you now:

The world doesn’t give a ■■■■ about you, and you’ll have to wrestle it for every good thing you get. Hell, I’ve written an entire article about how grown-ups don’t tell us how freaking hard everything is, and how the shock of unexpected effort trips us up.

But, for the rich, this somehow gets extended to the absolutely delusional idea that they exist on a purely self-sufficient island, in an ocean full of shiftless layabouts always asking to borrow their stuff.


The government is not your parents.


Check your privilege.


You were born during Jim Crow and find the concept of white privilege laughable? K


Again who gets to decide? Who is the judge who determines what is or is not toxic? Can I decide who to label?


Check your assumptions.