Toxic masculinity and white privilige. What to do?

First of all. I don’t believe in either. But that’s not my problem. Liberals have failed to convince me that I should concern myself with these made up conditions. So it’s a liberal problem, not mine. So for sake of argument, let’s move beyond that. What is the point of labeling someone as privileged? What am I supposed to do with this label? Walk around and feel guilty? What is the point? What do you suggest that I do with all of my privilege? Is this simply an awareness campaign? What’s the point? And what about my toxic masculinity? How toxic is it and how do I detoxify? Or am I supposed to simply feel bad for being too manly?

So in a nutshell. I have been labeled. What exactly do you want me to do with your labels?

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I believe the point is for some people to try to develop this thing called empathy, something sorely lacking in many of the debates taking place in society today. Far too many people seem either incapable or unwilling to even acknowledge the existence of problems that do not directly affect them.


So in your opinion. Is that what this is all about. Labeling people as toxic or privileged as simply a way to encourage them feel empathetic? Is that what it’s about? Making people feel sorry for others?

Encouraging people to acknowledge that people can have very different life experiences based on their gender, race, sexuality, etc etc. If more people were willing to take even a moment to walk in the shoes of someone else, the world would be a far kinder, more inclusive place.

This country suffers from effeminatization, not toxic masculinity.

Yes, neologism.

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White privilege definitely existed. An argument can be made it still does. Majority privilege.

One begets the other. We tend to hammer the pendulums from side to side. There are absolutely problems with the patriarchy that we’ve become aware of - one reaction to that is hyper-feminization, and a subsequent possible reaction to that is toxic masculinity.

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Magnificent post! You are on fire today!

What are a couple of the problems with the “patriarchy” we’ve identified?

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You’re not understanding. Privilege and toxicity aren’t “labels”, or insults.

Let me try to explain it using an analogy:

I am very tall (6’5"), and my fiancee is very short (5’0"). I have a height privilege. I can always reach the top shelves and I can always see over people’s heads at concerts. I am aware of that privilege, and it effects how I act - I do not place dishes that I know my fiancee will need on the top shelf, and I stand in the back at concerts as to not block other people.

I feel no guilt over my privilege. It does not “label” me, or make me a bad person. It just exists, and I am aware of it.


Indeed, I’ve seen it used incorrectly quite a bit.

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That’s ridiculous.

Good men aren’t naturally good men. It has to be instilled. Taught at a young age. Toxic masculinity is the result of them having to figure it out on their own without any guidance from other good men. And they tend to ■■■■ it up. They have a misguided view of what being a man is. And we end up with 20 year olds whose reaction to rejection is to blow a girls brains out.

At least that’s my view. It’s not scientific but I honestly believe the lack of positive male role models has destroyed what traditional masculinity actually is.


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Great post.

Have you seen the movie? It’s great.

It’s the thing that I admire most about my grandparents generation.

I’m not perfect but I’m very thankful that my grandfather raised me instead of my dad. My dad isn’t an ■■■■■■■ or anything but he was missing the key ingredient to being a truly good man. A sense of responsibility.

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Unless you are applying for a corporate job that has not met it racial numbers. Then being a while male is not a privilege. It’s a liability. There is zero white privilege in the corporate world. None. At least until you get to the board room. I have worked for 4 multinational corporations. And I’m here to tell you. Being a white male didn’t get anybody any privileges. And I’m okay with that.

Celebrate them.

Annoying the Cultural Marxists is fun.