Toxic masculinity and white privilige. What to do?


What is a cultural Marxist?


The best most recent example of toxic masculinity was gamergate.


If I have any toxicity, I have not been told yet. My wife hasn’t said anything neither have my three daughters or any of my girl-friends (not to be confused with girlfriends). I’m guessing that I am toxin free.


Then you are probably good.

Go forth and enjoy life.


Then what was the point of this thread?


I was just wondering if the end game is the label itself? Or are there any ideas floating around to address white privilege or toxic masculinity? And how exactly does somebody define toxic masculinity? Who gets to decide? Right now people can call me privileged and I am free to call them racially obsessed lunatics in return. I’m okay with that.


I brought up a pretty clear cut example of toxic masculinity and this is your reaponse is victimhood.

Makes sense.


Is it me, or does someone create a thread for this topic every 3 to 6 months?


I may not have “empathy”, but I dont have “entitlement” either.


The end game is to delegitimize any dissenting voice as unworthy of being allowed to speak, much less listened to.


And believe it or not. Your mischaracterization of my message does not bother me in the least. And it is quite weird that a liberal doesn’t like victimhood. Are you sure you are supporting the right party?


It’s you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hope you’re feeling less triggered come May.


My daughter sent me this video and it really seems to speak to what is going on in our country today.


So please… what is your point?

The issues obviously do not effect you.

You have risen above all.

What is actually the problem here?


No one is paying enough attention to the fact that he doesn’t believe in what he’s asking an explanation for. You know, just for the sake of argument.


Castration of white males solves both in the long run.


I don’t know. My son says he attended the school of “figure it out your own damned self.” He has done well…I’m proud of him. He hasn’t spoken to his dad in 14 years, his choice.


Awe. You’re a daisy. So sweet.

Not to worry. I’m going to get some major trigger time next month. Everything from pre WW2 weaponry up to current day. Lots of tannerite too. A weekend of explosive fun in the middle of nowhere. All legal of course. Should be a blast. Wish you could go!!!


I agree! And liberal white males should set the example and lead the way!