Toxic masculinity and white privilige. What to do?


Yo B.W. Simma down. You’re getting triggered again. You could always ask him if you want to know what he believes. He’s right here ya know. :sunglasses:


No point in making you repeat yourself. :slight_smile:


Sure. But I already knew my point of view. I don’t need a message board to get that. I was asking for the liberal viewpoint. Which y’all don’t seem all that crazy about giving.

So. My takeaway is that white privilege and toxic masculinity is more of a shaming technique rather than a call to action. Is that pretty much the drill?


Yep! It’s all about shaming people via a belief system they don’t believe in. :wink:


I forget where I heard this, might have been on Rush’s radio show but I’m not sure, anyway one of the female survivors of that shooting attack on the country western bar said that the men pushed the women down behind the pool tables and covered them with their bodies to protect them and this is masculinity at it’s finest but to liberals it’s toxic. The don’t like our military, first responders, policemen, fireman and certainly not cowboys.

Don’t forget when liberals accuse you of something like being toxic, they are the ones that are toxic because libs are always guilty of what the blame others for. It never fails.


Did Rush tell you liberals think that is toxic, and that they dislike military/EMTs/LEOs/and cowboys (cowboys?) or did you hear it from a different source?


Exactly. I am so fed up with liberal groupthink and their relentless need to label people with a dehumanizing or insulting name. Normal people don’t have time for that crap.


Maybe you guys should explain what toxic masculinity is. You invented it. Wanna give it a shot?


If you don’t believe in it, and you don’t have time for it, why do you let it concern you so? Have you been affected by it directly? If so, will you talk about it?


Sounds a bit like a relentless need to label people. Who are “you guys?”


Because I want to know what the liberals want to do about it. That’s it. You may be overthinking this.

So what do liberals want to do about it?


How do you reconcile using labels in light of your previous comment:

Not saying “liberal” is dehumanizing or insulting, because it isn’t, just that in this context it’s a convenient means for you to dismiss anyone whose politics you find disagreeable.


You do know that the term toxic masculinity doesn’t suggest all masculinity is toxic has negative side effects.

toxic masculinity is thinking a woman deserve to be raped because of the underwear she is wore (this is a legal defense used in America)


I tell you what. I will explain my opinion and I will let you explain yours. You trying to explain me and me trying to explain you takes us to a whole new level of stupidity. Am I right? But I will thank you for keeping my thread at the top of the board. Muchos Gracious.


You don’t think aspect of masculinity that push the narrative that dehumanize woman are toxic?


Who the hell believes that?


Not at all! I am doing my best to understand your position, which from what I can gather is your disdain for a group of people called “the liberals” who promote beliefs you don’t believe in and have no time for, but want others to explain for you. It’s fascinating. :slight_smile:


a man got off on rape, after his lawyer argued that the underwear the girl wore was enough to consent, the woman latter killed herself.


a lot of people think woman deserve to be assaulted or rape because of how they dress.


Nope. Whiff again. I never used the word disdain. That is entirely your assumption. Don’t try to “gather” as you put it, Just ask me. I’m right here. I have never held back on my opinions. Ask and ye shall receive.:yum: What is it you want to know about me? Because I am truly fascinating!