Toxic masculinity and white privilige. What to do?


NO its my thought because what the hell does “toxic masculinity” mean anyway? Libs don’t like the military, the police, firemen and other first responders or macho cowboys that like to shoot guns, drive trucks, and hunt so its MY OPINION that is the type of man that libs call toxic!


And your OPINION is wrong.


Your name suggests you don’t live in America but I do and I’ve never heard of a legal defense as you describe, I mean a defense lawyer might try that but it would take a seriously disturbed jury to accept that.

Plus rape has nothing to do with masculinity or sexuality at all, it’s a violent physical assault usually perpetrated by the male gender but their are females charged and convicted of rape as well, especially statutory rape.


Brock Turner raped a girl be hide a dumpster, was caught in the act and the Judge gave him 30 days because he didn’t want to destroy a young mans life.

Rape has everything to do with masculinity, when people are taught that they deserve sex because they view woman as lesser.


lol - Well there you go folks. Proof it doesn’t exists from someone who clearly understands the issue completely.

I know I feel better now.




Your opinion is wrong.

Liberals serve in the military. They are police officers. They are fire fighters. They are first responders. Conservatives do not have a monopoly on those jobs. Liberals also own and shoot guns. They drive trucks. They hunt.

It’s the conservatives, that I know, who are the biggest snowflakes.


:rofl::rofl: good one!


It’s better if it is, but it doesn’t have to be the father.


I’d rather be water boarded.


No it isn’t.


Now that’s a good question.


Who got him off? A woman made that argument, not a man. Read your link.


How many? 1? 1,000?


No it isn’t necessarily. It could be Amish.


Money. It really is that simple.


Good post. While they are liberal constructs, I don’t believe they are intended merely to shame. They serve several purposes; the greater is to justify taking.


Who decides?


There’s a reason for that.


Thank you. I try really hard.