Toxic masculinity and white privilige. What to do?


Well… let’s go for low hanging fruit.

The Incel culture is pretty toxic.

Wouldn’t you agree?

I mean … we have people seriously debating about the fair distribution of sex partners… like vaginas are a commodity.

That is pretty toxic.


The Antifa culture is one of the most toxic, violent cultures in America. But I would not blame toxic masculinity. I really thing that stupid racial or gender based insults are evil. Can’t we simply call them idiots?


That really isn’t that good of an answer to a yes or no question.

There are supposedly serious people who are hailed as part of the “Intellectual Dark Web” who say that sex should be more evenly distributed through enforced monogamy… making more women available for men who do not have proper access to vaginas.

Wouldn’t you agree that treating a woman’s sexual autonomy as a commodity to be traded as toxic?


Okay heres your answer.

No. Toxic masculinity is a stupid idea developerd by stupid people. We should not be inventing more reasons to judge people based on gender and race. It’s assinine.


Yes I don’t think to many would argue with you that the whole incel movement isn’t despicable.


So you don’t think that someone that is held up as a serious “public intellectual” decrying the plight of the incels … men who feel so entitled to access to vaginas that a couple of them have gone on shooting sprees… and the solution to these men not being able to get laid precisely because of their entitlement is to remove sexual autonomy from women as toxic at all.

Very wierd.


I really was trying to pick the lowest hanging fruit to illustrate that there are definitely cases where what is and isn’t considered “masculine” can become really toxic.


Read more about the subject.


Who is “very weird?” Me or incel?

Incel has already been defined quite well. We don’t need any description other than the one that they have. I would not call them masculine. Because masculinity is a good thing. Just as femininity is. They are both important. Neither one is toxic. But I would call the incel types mentally unstable. We don’t need any stupid descriptions invented by hyper political college professors. It serves no useful purpose. Other than to divide. Which is exactly the point.


The root of incels come from pick up artist culture. Seeing women literally as objects.

It is their version of what is considered masculine that is feeding into their toxicity.

Just because you don’t view their version of masculinity as valid, doesn’t mean that they don’t.

Hence we label their version as “toxic”

Hope that helps.


Nope. It’s just a political term designed to divide. But you are free to use it. If you think it helps your cause. But normal everyday people do not accuse people of toxic masculinity. Wingnuts do. Just as I am just as free not to accept devisive psycho-babble. And I am now officially bored with the Incel thing so I’m moving on. We’re gonna have to disagree. And I’m cool with that. Are you?

Hope that helps.


Who knew that adding a descriptor modifying a concept to distinguish what all would consider to be destructive behavior would cause so much consternation to some?


Who knew? You did. Everyone did. The term was created by bitter people for political purposes. You know, vote for women, they don’t have toxic masculinity. Unless she is a republican. Then you can’t vote for her cuz she’s a racist. You know it, I know it, everybody knows it. But it has been epic failure.


You are projecting a bit.

You are assuming that all masculinity is to be viewed as toxic. When that is not the case at all.

What it is describing is a false… or toxic form of masculinity that is destructive and harmful.

The refusal to understand this very simple concept is really wierd.


And I think your brain has been so poisoned by liberal groupthink that you are incapable of a single independent thought. You have bought the whole package in its entirety. Your masters say it, and you repeat it. Which is beyond weird. You are frustrated that you can’t convince me to join the lemmings.

There. The obligatory insult exchange. You happy now?


No… I accept it because as a concept it makes complete sense.

It is using language to delineate what is considered poor and destructive behaviors from positive ones.

You can use any words that you want to describe the destructive concepts that incels adhere to. We will both be talking about the same thing.

It is about finding a common vocabulary so we all know what we are talking about.

And… I didn’t insult you.

The cruelty is the point
The cruelty is the point

And I’m okay with your point of view! I just don’t accept for myself. It’s groupthink hogwash. But I hope your next presidential candidate emphasizes it. :yum:
Are you cool with my point of view?


I am.

We do agree though that whatever feeds the motivation behind incels is destructive… right?


I’m bored with Incel talk. Incel is not the topic,


You are misunderstanding the entire concept of what “toxic masculinity” is.

It’s not an insult, or a label, or an accusation. It’s not a “way to judge people based on gender”.

You are seeking victimization.